Havin’ A Break With KitKat Dark


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These past few weeks I have been in neck deep with work. Peewee is now going to school which requires me to get up earlier, prepare his snack and our breakfast and then drive him to school. And because this is the first time that he is going to school and still having some separation anxiety, I make it sure that I linger for a while and assure and reassure him that I’ll be coming back to fetch him. These new things in my daily routine is on top of my job and household chores.

And no, I don’t see myself as a super woman (I think my mother is) but whenever I feel overwhelmed with all the things I have to do and look at the watch and its already 10AM I cave in and went to panic mode. Good thing I discovered something that will calm me down a little – KitKat Dark. 🙂


Who doesn’t like chocolates right!? But I’m the type of chocoholic that only eat the dark bitter ones. The higher the cocoa content, the better. I have gone so far to nibble a bar with 90% cocoa content and after a few minutes I felt my heart palpitate. Hahahaha I discovered KitKat dark while perusing the chocolate aisle at the grocery to buy some for John – the ultimate chocoholic. I just bought two knowing that really dark chocolate is hard to find.

I really enjoyed Kitkat Dark and I was surprised that I liked it since I don’t enjoy eating the regular KitKat. The only wafer chocolate bar that I love and long for is Bar None. Does anybody out there remembers Bar None? I used to sell them in class when I was in high school and they were sold out even before homeroom starts. They were THAT good!

Back to the KitKat Dark. 🙂 Since I only bought two I had to share one with Peewee. And he loved it! He loved it so much that he kept saying “choclate! choclate!” then opened the fridge and said “hmmm.. where is it? choclate? whereareyou?!” My son blurted this out of nowhere for the love of chocolate…. Peewee, you funny little man. 🙂

Have you tried KitKat Dark? Did you enjoyed it as much as Peewee did?


Talking: The Milestone Not Met…Yet


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Please allow me to pour to my heart out a little.

As a first time mother, I always have this need to seek out reference material regarding my son’s overall health. I subscribe to babycenter.com that’ll give me weekly updates on my son’s progress and milestones. One thing I noticed since he was about 2 years old was his lack of speaking sensible words. Yes, he babbles a lot, says “mommy” and “daddy” a lot but he was not speaking in phrases yet. I have raised this concern to John and assured me that our son is right on track. BUT still I was uneasy.

So last February, during Peewee’s annual check up I raised this concern again to his pediatrician. And lo and behold, my maternal instinct was right – that Peewee has developmental delay. A lot of things went swirling in my head when the pediatrician handed us a recommendation letter for a developmental pediatrician for assessment.

Is he autistic?

Did I did something wrong during my pregnancy?

Is it my fault that’s why he’s not speaking/conversing?

John saw the worry in my eyes. And I think the pediatrician did too. Alas, the pediatrician’s assessment wouldn’t point near autism. But this still needs to be confirmed by the developmental pediatrician. The pediatrician suggested that we make an appointment to the developmental pediatrician as soon as possible because these appointments will make you wait for as long as a year. The pediatrician also recommended that we have Peewee undergo occupational therapy while awaiting for our appointment for the developmental pediatrician.

We managed to get the soonest appointment for Peewee’s assessment last May 17th – a day before my birthday. Drawing close to our appointment, I have had shed a lot of tears enough to fill Hoover Dam. A lot of things went through my head. Afraid of the results of his assessment, anxious what will happen to my son and happy that finally I will know how to address his condition.

Peewee was getting occupational therapy a month prior his assessment. Some much nice things to say about his therapy center that I think I will write a separate post for them. God bless their souls – such angels on earth. Going back to this assessment – Dr. Theresa Arranz-Lim assessed Peewee and said that he has developmental language delay with possible motor planning difficulties. She also recommended for Peewee to continue his occupational therapy coupled with speech therapy and start school already. She assured me that his condition, given the right therapy, he will outgrow.

Since his therapy, Peewee has been very talkative and we encourage it. Saying 3-4 word phrases (and commands!), very observant (“look! sun is missing!) but he still can’t tell us how his day was or tell accounts of his day like.

For now, I wait and anticipate the day he’ll tell me how his day went. Or tell me that he met a girl and show his “putuy” LoL. Basta any kwento will do.

Swimming: A Father and Son Bonding Ritual


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Peewee and I are blessed to have daddy John in our lives. He has been supportive with my work and spoils Peewee rotten. I sometimes see some kids look in envy how John and Peewee are together. And boy, they are inseparable!

Swimming every weekend is John and Peewee’s special time. They have been observing this bonding ritual ever since Peewee was about two months old.
Peewee loves the water. But he doesn’t want his hair wet! LoL

Now Peewee is a bit taller, I accompany them at the clubhouse where there is a kiddie pool.
I am happy that John bonds with Peewee as much as he can. He knows how important it is for Peewee to have a special bond with him.

Happy Father’s Day, daddy John. You are more what we could ask for.

Supermarket Find: Sunnyside Farm’s Neopolitan Ice Cream Sandwiches


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Ever since I let Peewee eat DQ ice cream sandwich, he is always asking for it and he calls ’em “cookie ice cream”. I know that I can buy a box of 6 of those DQ ice cream sandwiches but I don’t think it’ll survive 20-30minutes travel from TriNoMa to our house in Commonwealth. So, in one of our grocery trips I saw these ones and let the “cookie ice cream” monster be the judge.
Sunnyside Farm’s Neopolitan ice cream sandwiches are made out of 2 chocolate biscuit with three different flavors of ice cream – vanilla, strawberry and chocolate as filling. When Peewee saw the box he was all excited and did his happy dance. He said “wow! cookie ice cream! cookie ice cream!”. I thought he would like them – but no, he didn’t. I think he was expecting something like the DQ ice cream sandwiches that he loves dearly. Upon opening the box, he was looking forward to be handed with the ROUND cookie not a rectangular one with different colors in between. LoL

Since he didn’t liked it, I was the one who ate all 6 sandwiches (there goes my diet). Well, all I can say is passable but not something that is permanent on my grocery list.

My sisters and I love Sebatian’s chilly burgers but they are a bit expensive and availability of flavors we can are unpredictable.

Have you tried Sunnyside Farm’s neopolitan ice cream sandwiches? Can you recommend any other brand of store-bought ice cream sandwiches?

Stuffing Ourselves Silly at Vikings Luxury Buffet


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Last week, my family stuffed ourselves silly at Vikings Luxury Buffet for my post birthday celebration.
I was really praying hard it wouldn’t rain when we go there. And God granted my prayer.
It was cloudy but it least no rain. 🙂 Thank you my Lord.

Good thing we made reservations because I heard this place gets packed pretty quickly.

Once every one was settled in our table, we went our separate ways and “investigated” what was on the buffet spreads. Yes, you read that right SPREADS. Buffet tables and cooking stations dispersed all over the place. I think it was a great idea to avoid a lot of people gathering in one place.

I always check the desserts spread first since Peewee likes to start (and end) his meals with something sweet.
Chocolate fountain, mini cakes and pastries (try the different flavors of panna cotta, revel bars and the tiramisu), native delicacies like maja blanca, puto, kutsinta, cassava bibingka, a halo halo station, 6 different flavors of ice cream (dark chocolate yung pinakamasarap) with different toppings and fro-yo.
My first plate was samu’t sari because I felt overwhelmed with the vast selection of food to try. From steaks to garlic butter crabs, I felt dizzy running around the place looking and picking out the food. Daming choices!
Next, my Chinese plate. Peking duck, beef hofan, fish fillet with baby bakchoy and a piece of shark’s fin dumpling.
A teapot of miso soup for me and Peewee.
My third plate a variety of dimsum. Hakao, Siomai, Shark’s fin and another one with shrimp.
My fourth plate is Japanse. Different types of sushi – philly roll, dragon roll and something with squid ink.
And lastly, my dessert plate – a small serving of froyo with crushed Oreos, cassava bibingka, maja blanca, revel bar and tiramisu.
And in between my plates we were devouring dozens of baked oysters, as in DOZENS! I think our table consumed a good 5-6 dozens of baked oysters made to order. Unfortunately we were too busy eating to take a decent photo. LoL

Aside from the baked oysters, we also ordered seafood hotpot which my parents shared (ang sweet ano?)

To end our meal (hahahha akala nyo after the dessert tapos na ano?) John went to get coffee. John said the coffee was freshly pressed. Sarap nung coffee, hindi instant! LoL
A word from the wise: Please only get you can consume or else you’ll get slapped with an additional 100pesos for left overs over 100grams.

Vikings Luxury Buffet discourages “takaw tingin” for them to keep the prices low and avoid/lessen food wastage. I also liked that they did not charged us for Peewee. Although Peewee is more than 3 feet tall which meant I have to pay 388php for him, the staff noticed that he only ate 2 scoops of ice cream and a few sticks of fries. So they just waived payment for him. Hooray for freebies!

I do recommend to make reservations ahead of time, like 2 days in advance especially on the weekends.

We will definitely go back to Vikings Luxury Buffet to try the other stations and food (grill,pizza and pasta and the pata tim my dad was raving about).
Have you tried Vikings Luxury Buffet yet?

32 Things I Know So Far


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Last Wednesday, I turned 32. 🙂 I’m not ashamed to say my age and I will never lie about it.

I don’t know about you, but I look forward to my birthday year after year. I start putting an X on the calendar on April 18 every year and every day my PC reminds me how many days to go ’til my birthday. I know, I’m like a little kid. And I’m not shy about it.

I didn’t get to celebrate my birthday this year with all the trimmings as compared to recent years because Peewee was not feeling too well. This time made me reflect on the things I have learned so far on life and about me.

1. You will never be ready. But you have to have backup #1, backup #2 and backup #3.

2. Expensive beauty products will not bring back your youthful glow but a positive outlook in life will.

3. It is tiring and a waste of time to keep friends that don’t really matter to you. Eliminate people from your life that don’t give you positive vibes.

4. Money is money is money. Sometimes you have it, sometimes you don’t. Don’t let it ruin your day.

5. Parents will always treat you like a 5 year old even though you’re in your 30’s.

6. Having too close-knit of a family is not so good at all. Everybody is in everybody’s business.

7. I learned to accept that I can’t change back to my 21 year old body. Even if I get a discount, I won’t do cosmetic surgery.

8. Just because you and your friends are connected through facebook and phone, physical interaction is not needed. My friends and I made a pact that we should see each other at least once a year about 3 years ago. Now, we see each other every 3-4 months. Exception: If you’re not in the same country, magdala ng laptop sa gimik at mag-SKYPE. 🙂

9. Your connection with your siblings should not begin and end with blood relation; be good friends with them too.

10. Civility for me is overrated, if you don’t like to mingle with people at a party you don’t like then don’t. I hate the tension between two people who are forced to talk to each other.

11.Motherhood is the most challenging task I have done but it is the most rewarding.

12. My parents will never understand what I do right now – that you can have a job and earn even without ligo. LoL

13. I am a wife and a mother but most definitely I’m not an alila.

14. Always be willing learn, if you don’t you cease to live.

15. Being married doesn’t mean you have to do things together all the time. Leave room for new things to happen and share these to each other.

16. Its not true that you have to finish a fight before going to sleep. Not true at all. Well at least not for us.

17. Don’t tell your spouse/partner that they are making a mistake, let them experience the mistake and surely they will learn.

18. You will know that you have found THE ONE, if he or she brings out the best and worst in you.

19. What makes my relationship with John great is we make ourselves vulnerable to each other. I think this IS the secret of a lasting marriage more than trust.

20. I’m one of those wives that don’t hold the family budget…and I like it!

21. Don’t wait for things to happen, make it happen NOW. Grab life by the horn and enjoy the ride. (ang corny) LoL

22. Always find time for yourself first then family second.

23. Be grateful for everything – good or bad.

24. Food makes me happier than clothes… BUT

25. My son makes me happiest than food. 🙂

26. I’m a better person now because of Peewee.

27. I don’t want to be an old mother. I want more kids now.

28. I worry about everything regarding with my son. Always.

29. Its okay to think that you’re still 22 even if your body is 32.

30. I’m okay with aging. I don’t mind wrinkles and cellulite (well it runs in the family). I hope John won’t mind too.

31. God has truly blessed me and gave me the life lessons for me to carry on and make a difference.

32. I may not frequent going to Mass but I’m a prayerful person.

There, 32 things I have learned so far and I hope to learn more.

Happy 32nd Birthday to me.

Up next…finally I can celebrate! Peewee feels better now (thank you God and Ilosone).

Food post on Monday.

A Trip Down Memory Lane


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I literally grew up in my parents’ office located in Intramuros. Our usual lunch would be a jeepney ride going to Escolta and eat at Classic Savory restaurant. Since it is a pain going to Manila from Quezon City, it was a delight to find the restaurant branching out.

So after a visit to the new ginormous Toy Kingdom located at the lower ground floor of Megamall, we headed to Classic Savory for an early dinner.

We ordered,

Buttered Chicken

Can I just say Oh-My-Friggin’-Chicken?! You can smell the buttery goodness from a mile away. It is fried to perfection – crispy skin and tender meat. The butter flavor permeates to the bone. Best eaten with your hands ‘coz its finger lickin’ good! (sorry KFC)

Nido Soup

It was okay. We tasted better Nido soup in other restaurants.

Pancit Canton

I love their pancit! The noodles are springy, wonderful combination of meat and veggies.

Good thing that the Classic Savory has decided to branch out for me to relive some childhood memories.

Have you tried Classic Savory? What’s your favorite?

My Potluck Secret


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Don’t you think potluck parties are the best?! I mean, the host don’t have to slave around the kitchen and spend a lot of money for a 4-5 hour party. Guests can bring some food and make chika how they made them and at time ask for the recipe. It is such a life saver!

My mom and dad are known for bringing the best potluck food. Food like grilled tuna jaw, buttered chili jumbo shrimps and sinigang na ulo ng Maya-maya sa miso are the just some of the sought after potluck food hosts “requests” my parents bring. These food are lovingly prepared by my dad who is a great cook and a foodie at heart. He can whip up a 5-10 kilo batch of buttered chili jumbo shrimps in one cooking. It also adds to the fact that a fourth of my parents’ house is a kitchen. hehehehe

Since I can’t cook a 5-kilo worth of buttered shrimp for John’s parents’ potluck party, we just offered this to the table…

Leche Flan!

I brought about a dozen of these babies and each and every flan was wiped out! Everyone was praising me how a good cook I am. They even asked for my technique how I made it so soft and creamy. During the party, I was all smiles because they loved what I brought and made a good impression. 🙂 hehehehe and they don’t know my secret.

And my secret is….

I bought them.

All twelve of them at Shopwise bakery section.

At 65 pesos for 2 mini flans.

How can something that tasted so homemade be this delicious. I gathered from one of the bakers that it is one of their best sellers.

The only one who knew of this secret was John because he saw me bring home two Shopwise bags earlier that morning. hehehehe

What’s your potluck secret?

And Because It’s Holy Week And I Have To Abstain…


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…I just have to contain myself and write about what I wish I can eat right now.

Being raised Catholic and went to a Catholic school from elementary to college, I always ask myself what I would sacrifice for Lent. So come last Ash Wednesday, I have decided to abstain eating one of my favorites – Chinese food.

Since I can’t eat some yang chow fried rice and dimsum at four o’clock in the morning Manila time, I’ll just write about what we ate a couple of months back – like January 2011! LoL 😀

Every January my college friends and I always meet for our annual post-Christmas get together. Since they know that I like to dine out and eat, I’m always the one they ask where our chow place will be. So I chose…

Delicious Kitchen by Eat Well! at the new wing of Robinson Galleria – The Veranda. 🙂
Here’s what we ordered

Plump jumbo shrimps (no extenders, amazing!) in rice flour wrappers and steamed. Yummy! You can tell that the shrimp that they use was fresh because of its sweet-ish taste.

Dried scallop with winter melon soup
This soup is packed with flavor! The salty dried scallop and minced winter melon surely whet our appetite.

Chicken and Sausage Hot Pot
John ordered this one and its his first time to order Hot Pot. 🙂 He said that he was surprised that he liked the dish because he’s not really fond of chinese sausage and tausi.

Shrimp Fried Rice
We were a bit disappointed with this one because the menu said “Shrimp Fried Rice” so we were expecting that it is loaded with lots of shrimp right?! Wrong! They should have cut the whole shrimp into pieces and mix it in the rice. We ended up avoiding the shrimps. 😦

White Chicken with Garlic and Ginger
I ordered this one. It tasted like a Singaporean Hainan Chicken without the soup side dish. It was a hit in our table.

Crispy Fried Chicken Chinese Style (Hindi naman kami mahilig sa manok diba?!)
We ordered this one just because we wanted to eat cropek! LoL

And for some sweets, we share a plateful of Masatchi – rice glutinous balls with white chocolate as center then poached in water and then rolled in some toasted ground peanuts.
Another hit at our table. It disappeared right after the wait staff placed it on our table. So we ordered it twice. 🙂

On a serious note, Holy Week is a time for reflection and penance. Let’s use this time to be more closer to the Almighty and be grateful for the Love He has given us and continue to give us. May the Lord bless us all.