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Now that Peewee has overcome his separation anxiety and grows confident by the day, he has been staying at my Mother’s house every weekend. This has been his weekend routine for almost a year now and we as parents are loving it! One, he gets to spend quality time with my parents and my sisters and  two, John and I get to spend some time with each other.

John at Bizu

John at Bizu

We headed to The Promenade in Greenhills Shopping Centre for dinner before our movie. Since I was craving for macarons, he indulged me with a French dinner.

This is not our first time at Bizu. We have been going there for our sweet cravings and coffee or tea. We always get the L’Opera and a good cup of tea or coffee. However this is our first time having dinner there. So, here’s what we had:

French Onion Soup @ Bizu

French Onion Soup @ Bizu

French Onion Soup. Hearty, hot and full of flavor. Its obvious that they really took time cooking down the onions. Sweet, a little bit of tang and the broth – very delicious. The melted cheese didn’t do anything to me but that soaked-in-broth crusty baguette was unbelievable! Maybe they should lessen the cheese or make a combination of cheeses. Obviously they used Mozzarella here.

John had the Salmon Pommery and I had the Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Salmon Pommery and Cordon Bleu


Salmon Pommery. Butter poached salmon with Parmesan cheese and pea risotto, asparagus and Pommery mustard sauce. John gave me a portion of his dish (as good husbands do!) and it was delicious. Perfectly cooked salmon, moist and buttery. The risotto was a vessel for the salmon, light and fresh with the hint of nuttiness from the Parmesan then the mustard sauce cuts the richness of the salmon. Magnifique!

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken Cordon Bleu. A roulade of deep fried chicken with mozzarella cheese and forest ham with mushroom Carbonara. I was a bit disappointed with this dish because of the overwhelming use of cheese. Chicken was cooked to perfection and the forest ham give a slightly salty taste to it. The mushroom Carbonara was good but did not leave any impression on me. I’m a bit particular with my Carbonara, I like the traditional Italian way – spaghetti, guanciale/bacon, eggs and cheese (Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano) thats it! No mushrooms, no cream. But hey, we’re at a french bistro so….

Of course, a date is not complete without some sweets right?!

Macaron de Paris

I had Earl Grey and Vanilla Madagascar. Oh, little chewy sweet goodness! Those little things pack a big punch of flavor. I really tasted the Earl Grey and that premium vanilla they used in making these delectable goodies.

What dishes have you tried in Bizu? What flavors of macarons do you recommend?