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A recent comment I received made me want to write again in this humble blog. Its from a post I have written about my son who was diagnosed with some developmental delay.

Thank you Mads, for reminding me for this post. This is for you and your little one.

After we have been informed of Peewee’s delay, the pediatrician suggested that we look for a therapy center that can accommodate Peewee. You see, there are lots of therapy center in Metro Manila however they are also no slots available for new students. These therapy centers cater to children that are diagnosed with a myriad of developmental delays, autism, ADHD, ADD and so many more. So you can imagine my worry when most of the therapy centers around our area were fully booked and have a wait list.

And then I found RLS-TLC (Therapy Learning Center). The first person I had a chance to talk with was teacher Louise, Peewee’s first occupational therapist. She informed me of the services of the center and invited us for an ocular visit. We grabbed the opportunity to see the place as soon as possible and was impressed on how friendly and inviting the modest facility and the personnel was very accommodating. We also saw 2 other therapy centers that day that were more well equipped than RLC-TLC but the personnel are not so good. To be honest, they were rude.

I told John that I feel I can entrust Peewee with RLS-TLC because of the teachers that I met during the ocular visit. So we had the initial assessment with teacher Dahlia on March 2011, Peewee’s second and current occupational therapist. The initial assessment was an hour long interview with the parents/primary care giver and the assessment with the child. Teacher Dahlia asked me about my pregnancy, when Peewee started eating, sitting, walking and crawling. Then after my interview with her, I had to leave Peewee with her. It was the first ever moment I left my son under someone else’s care. You see, Peewee had separation anxiety. I can’t even leave him with my mother. So hearing him scream and beg for me was heartbreaking during the initial assessment.

After the assessment, it was suggested that Peewee have occupational therapy first before speech therapy. We started with twice a week with teachers Louise and Dahlia. An hour long session filled with activities for the child and addressing the delay through play. The first two months of the OT (occupational therapy), I had to carry Peewee inside and leave him there with the therapist. Peewee would feel anxious whenever we wait our scheduled time slot. He was so anxious he would poop before every session! It was like that for six months.

Dr. Arranz-Lim also suggested to us that we enroll Peewee to school to broaden his social skills. So we did last June 2011 together with twice a week OT and twice a week speech therapy with teacher Faye.

After two months into the therapy, we saw dramatic changes on Peewee. He was more confident, he wasn’t babbling anymore, potty training was much easier and less separation anxiety. It was like a light switch was turned on!

Now that we are in our 9th month of OT and 5th month of speech therapy, Peewee is progressing at a steady pace. Together with his school, therapy sessions at RLS-TLC has helped Peewee know his ABCs, count 1-30, tell the weather, write his name, know family members’ names, a chatterbox and so much more.

As a parent with a child who has developmental delay, I highly recommend RLS-TLC because:
1. Therapists are top of their class
2. Board top notchers and passers
3. Build a relationship with parents and primary care givers because therapy does not end at the center, it continues at home and school
4. They care about their students dearly.

Every time I hear a parent/friend goes through the same ordeal I had been through almost a year ago, I don’t hesitate to recommend RLS-TLC because I saw how my child improved and I want that results too for their kids.

If you want to know more about the RLS-TLC center, please click here.

DISCLAIMER: I am not connected with the management of the center and was not asked by management to write about them. I’m just a parent who believes in their services and would like to help out other parents as well.