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Move over Razon’s you got yourself some serious competition from Teresita’s Halo Halo and Palabok of San Fernando.

I have been eyeing this place every time we traverse the ever so congested Tomas Morato avenue. And I always tell John that I want to try this out. So while Peewee was on his 2 hour therapy session, we went to check out Teresita’s one hot Thursday afternoon.

Teresita’s of San Fernando is an offshoot of Teresita R. Razon’s Halo Halo and Palabok originating and operating within the city of San Fernando in Pampanga. Teresita’s is being operated, owned and managed by Teresita’s sons – Paulo and Ryan who is a Go Negosyo Entrepreneur Awardee and of the Pinoy Edition of Biggest Loser fame (fourth generation Razon).

All Razon’s stores operating nationwide are owned and operated by kins of the 3 spinster sisters namely Severina, Elena and Virginia who all started the business back in 1972 and was passed along to nephews and nieces.

I haven’t been to the original restaurant in Pampanga but I’ve heard a lot of good things about the place.

I ordered the Special Halo halo (95 pesos). Chunks of sweetened bananas, macapuno and langka with shaved ice and topped with a heaping of leche flan. When they served me this halo halo, my jaw dropped.

Can you see how generous that leche flan is? And that’s only the peak of the heap. They put some in the middle of the ice too. You can see the flecks of dayap rind in the leche flan which how leche flan should be made. πŸ™‚ I was in leche flan heaven!

I was also happy that the bananas as well as the other components of the Halo halo were not mashed, you can actually see the chunks of bananas, macapuno and the langka. Yummy!
I usually eat the leche flan first before mixing everything up. However with Teresita’s halo halo, I had to mix half of the it. Talk about leche flan overload! By doing this, the icy concoction turned a bit too sweet for my taste so I requested for more ice which they happily gave me some.
John ordered Pancit Luglug (85 pesos). Thick rice noodles topped with a thick orange-y sauce crushed pork cracklings and slices of hard boiled egg. The noodles were cooked right, it was still springy and not all bunched up together. The thick sauce was bursting with flavors, hints of shrimp, crab fat (aligue), toasted garlic and some sweet onions. Very thick, very rich sauce. The pulverized pork cracklings and the slices of hard boiled egg made it over-the-top rich but easily toned down by the calamansi.

Not yet satisfied with halo halo and palabok? They also have rice meals like Kare-kare, caldereta, embotido, bangus and pork spareribs. You can also buy native delicacies over the counter such as yema, sansrival, brittles, cookies and tarts. And oh, you can also buy the leche flan. Hehehehe

John and I have found a real gem with Teresita’s. I think Razon’s of Guagua should be worried. πŸ˜€

Teresita’s Halo halo and Palabok is located at Alfredo’s building beside Bubble Tea and Brothers Burger Along Tomas Morato avenue.