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So many brands to choose from, its overwhelming. I can’t believe that I’ll be losing some sleep over diapers. Although Peewee has been potty trained for almost 6 months now, he still wears diapers at night. I have read a lot of articles already about avoiding bed wetting but we still can’t resist giving him his 1AM milk bottle.


We have scoured the metro in search for the best overnight diaper for Peewee. First off, Drypers WEE WEE Dry. This diaper has a thin absorbent pad and I doubted that it’ll last through the night. Well, it didn’t. After two hours into his sleep, the bed was soaked. Even though it didn’t passed the overnight test, Peewee used this when we were still training him to pee on a potty. A good day diaper.

Next is the Drypers DryPantz. Its a bit thicker than the Wee Wee Dry and it resembles an underwear. This is a good potty training tool so that Peewee will get used to putting one foot and the other on the leg hole and pulling up the diaper. However, after 6 hours into his sleep, again he was soaked. The Mamy Poko Pants Value also met the same demise. And after three different diapers I became frustrated.

Last but not the least, Mamy Poko Extra Soft for BOYS. Features a very thick pad infront (well, you know your anatomy right?!) to absorb the pee and its also great since Peewee sleeps on his chest. We have been using this for almost four months now and I can only recall a handful times he wet his bed. For almost 400 pesos for 10 diapers, these diapers are quite expensive not to mention very hard to find. The nearby ShopWise only put stocks of 4 in about every 2 weeks, so I hoard them every chance I get.

Any brand of diaper that you can suggest for a 21-kilo 3 year old to wear at night?