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Please allow me to pour to my heart out a little.

As a first time mother, I always have this need to seek out reference material regarding my son’s overall health. I subscribe to babycenter.com that’ll give me weekly updates on my son’s progress and milestones. One thing I noticed since he was about 2 years old was his lack of speaking sensible words. Yes, he babbles a lot, says “mommy” and “daddy” a lot but he was not speaking in phrases yet. I have raised this concern to John and assured me that our son is right on track. BUT still I was uneasy.

So last February, during Peewee’s annual check up I raised this concern again to his pediatrician. And lo and behold, my maternal instinct was right – that Peewee has developmental delay. A lot of things went swirling in my head when the pediatrician handed us a recommendation letter for a developmental pediatrician for assessment.

Is he autistic?

Did I did something wrong during my pregnancy?

Is it my fault that’s why he’s not speaking/conversing?

John saw the worry in my eyes. And I think the pediatrician did too. Alas, the pediatrician’s assessment wouldn’t point near autism. But this still needs to be confirmed by the developmental pediatrician. The pediatrician suggested that we make an appointment to the developmental pediatrician as soon as possible because these appointments will make you wait for as long as a year. The pediatrician also recommended that we have Peewee undergo occupational therapy while awaiting for our appointment for the developmental pediatrician.

We managed to get the soonest appointment for Peewee’s assessment last May 17th – a day before my birthday. Drawing close to our appointment, I have had shed a lot of tears enough to fill Hoover Dam. A lot of things went through my head. Afraid of the results of his assessment, anxious what will happen to my son and happy that finally I will know how to address his condition.

Peewee was getting occupational therapy a month prior his assessment. Some much nice things to say about his therapy center that I think I will write a separate post for them. God bless their souls – such angels on earth. Going back to this assessment – Dr. Theresa Arranz-Lim assessed Peewee and said that he has developmental language delay with possible motor planning difficulties. She also recommended for Peewee to continue his occupational therapy coupled with speech therapy and start school already. She assured me that his condition, given the right therapy, he will outgrow.

Since his therapy, Peewee has been very talkative and we encourage it. Saying 3-4 word phrases (and commands!), very observant (“look! sun is missing!) but he still can’t tell us how his day was or tell accounts of his day like.

For now, I wait and anticipate the day he’ll tell me how his day went. Or tell me that he met a girl and show his “putuy” LoL. Basta any kwento will do.