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Ever since I let Peewee eat DQ ice cream sandwich, he is always asking for it and he calls ’em “cookie ice cream”. I know that I can buy a box of 6 of those DQ ice cream sandwiches but I don’t think it’ll survive 20-30minutes travel from TriNoMa to our house in Commonwealth. So, in one of our grocery trips I saw these ones and let the “cookie ice cream” monster be the judge.
Sunnyside Farm’s Neopolitan ice cream sandwiches are made out of 2 chocolate biscuit with three different flavors of ice cream – vanilla, strawberry and chocolate as filling. When Peewee saw the box he was all excited and did his happy dance. He said “wow! cookie ice cream! cookie ice cream!”. I thought he would like them – but no, he didn’t. I think he was expecting something like the DQ ice cream sandwiches that he loves dearly. Upon opening the box, he was looking forward to be handed with the ROUND cookie not a rectangular one with different colors in between. LoL

Since he didn’t liked it, I was the one who ate all 6 sandwiches (there goes my diet). Well, all I can say is passable but not something that is permanent on my grocery list.

My sisters and I love Sebatian’s chilly burgers but they are a bit expensive and availability of flavors we can are unpredictable.

Have you tried Sunnyside Farm’s neopolitan ice cream sandwiches? Can you recommend any other brand of store-bought ice cream sandwiches?