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Last Wednesday, I turned 32. πŸ™‚ I’m not ashamed to say my age and I will never lie about it.

I don’t know about you, but I look forward to my birthday year after year. I start putting an X on the calendar on April 18 every year and every day my PC reminds me how many days to go ’til my birthday. I know, I’m like a little kid. And I’m not shy about it.

I didn’t get to celebrate my birthday this year with all the trimmings as compared to recent years because Peewee was not feeling too well. This time made me reflect on the things I have learned so far on life and about me.

1. You will never be ready. But you have to have backup #1, backup #2 and backup #3.

2. Expensive beauty products will not bring back your youthful glow but a positive outlook in life will.

3. It is tiring and a waste of time to keep friends that don’t really matter to you. Eliminate people from your life that don’t give you positive vibes.

4. Money is money is money. Sometimes you have it, sometimes you don’t. Don’t let it ruin your day.

5. Parents will always treat you like a 5 year old even though you’re in your 30’s.

6. Having too close-knit of a family is not so good at all. Everybody is in everybody’s business.

7. I learned to accept that I can’t change back to my 21 year old body. Even if I get a discount, I won’t do cosmetic surgery.

8. Just because you and your friends are connected through facebook and phone, physical interaction is not needed. My friends and I made a pact that we should see each other at least once a year about 3 years ago. Now, we see each other every 3-4 months. Exception: If you’re not in the same country, magdala ng laptop sa gimik at mag-SKYPE. πŸ™‚

9. Your connection with your siblings should not begin and end with blood relation; be good friends with them too.

10. Civility for me is overrated, if you don’t like to mingle with people at a party you don’t like then don’t. I hate the tension between two people who are forced to talk to each other.

11.Motherhood is the most challenging task I have done but it is the most rewarding.

12. My parents will never understand what I do right now – that you can have a job and earn even without ligo. LoL

13. I am a wife and a mother but most definitely I’m not an alila.

14. Always be willing learn, if you don’t you cease to live.

15. Being married doesn’t mean you have to do things together all the time. Leave room for new things to happen and share these to each other.

16. Its not true that you have to finish a fight before going to sleep. Not true at all. Well at least not for us.

17. Don’t tell your spouse/partner that they are making a mistake, let them experience the mistake and surely they will learn.

18. You will know that you have found THE ONE, if he or she brings out the best and worst in you.

19. What makes my relationship with John great is we make ourselves vulnerable to each other. I think this IS the secret of a lasting marriage more than trust.

20. I’m one of those wives that don’t hold the family budget…and I like it!

21. Don’t wait for things to happen, make it happen NOW. Grab life by the horn and enjoy the ride. (ang corny) LoL

22. Always find time for yourself first then family second.

23. Be grateful for everything – good or bad.

24. Food makes me happier than clothes… BUT

25. My son makes me happiest than food. πŸ™‚

26. I’m a better person now because of Peewee.

27. I don’t want to be an old mother. I want more kids now.

28. I worry about everything regarding with my son. Always.

29. Its okay to think that you’re still 22 even if your body is 32.

30. I’m okay with aging. I don’t mind wrinkles and cellulite (well it runs in the family). I hope John won’t mind too.

31. God has truly blessed me and gave me the life lessons for me to carry on and make a difference.

32. I may not frequent going to Mass but I’m a prayerful person.

There, 32 things I have learned so far and I hope to learn more.

Happy 32nd Birthday to me.

Up next…finally I can celebrate! Peewee feels better now (thank you God and Ilosone).

Food post on Monday.