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Don’t you think potluck parties are the best?! I mean, the host don’t have to slave around the kitchen and spend a lot of money for a 4-5 hour party. Guests can bring some food and make chika how they made them and at time ask for the recipe. It is such a life saver!

My mom and dad are known for bringing the best potluck food. Food like grilled tuna jaw, buttered chili jumbo shrimps and sinigang na ulo ng Maya-maya sa miso are the just some of the sought after potluck food hosts “requests” my parents bring. These food are lovingly prepared by my dad who is a great cook and a foodie at heart. He can whip up a 5-10 kilo batch of buttered chili jumbo shrimps in one cooking. It also adds to the fact that a fourth of my parents’ house is a kitchen. hehehehe

Since I can’t cook a 5-kilo worth of buttered shrimp for John’s parents’ potluck party, we just offered this to the table…

Leche Flan!

I brought about a dozen of these babies and each and every flan was wiped out! Everyone was praising me how a good cook I am. They even asked for my technique how I made it so soft and creamy. During the party, I was all smiles because they loved what I brought and made a good impression. 🙂 hehehehe and they don’t know my secret.

And my secret is….

I bought them.

All twelve of them at Shopwise bakery section.

At 65 pesos for 2 mini flans.

How can something that tasted so homemade be this delicious. I gathered from one of the bakers that it is one of their best sellers.

The only one who knew of this secret was John because he saw me bring home two Shopwise bags earlier that morning. hehehehe

What’s your potluck secret?