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…I just have to contain myself and write about what I wish I can eat right now.

Being raised Catholic and went to a Catholic school from elementary to college, I always ask myself what I would sacrifice for Lent. So come last Ash Wednesday, I have decided to abstain eating one of my favorites – Chinese food.

Since I can’t eat some yang chow fried rice and dimsum at four o’clock in the morning Manila time, I’ll just write about what we ate a couple of months back – like January 2011! LoL 😀

Every January my college friends and I always meet for our annual post-Christmas get together. Since they know that I like to dine out and eat, I’m always the one they ask where our chow place will be. So I chose…

Delicious Kitchen by Eat Well! at the new wing of Robinson Galleria – The Veranda. 🙂
Here’s what we ordered

Plump jumbo shrimps (no extenders, amazing!) in rice flour wrappers and steamed. Yummy! You can tell that the shrimp that they use was fresh because of its sweet-ish taste.

Dried scallop with winter melon soup
This soup is packed with flavor! The salty dried scallop and minced winter melon surely whet our appetite.

Chicken and Sausage Hot Pot
John ordered this one and its his first time to order Hot Pot. 🙂 He said that he was surprised that he liked the dish because he’s not really fond of chinese sausage and tausi.

Shrimp Fried Rice
We were a bit disappointed with this one because the menu said “Shrimp Fried Rice” so we were expecting that it is loaded with lots of shrimp right?! Wrong! They should have cut the whole shrimp into pieces and mix it in the rice. We ended up avoiding the shrimps. 😦

White Chicken with Garlic and Ginger
I ordered this one. It tasted like a Singaporean Hainan Chicken without the soup side dish. It was a hit in our table.

Crispy Fried Chicken Chinese Style (Hindi naman kami mahilig sa manok diba?!)
We ordered this one just because we wanted to eat cropek! LoL

And for some sweets, we share a plateful of Masatchi – rice glutinous balls with white chocolate as center then poached in water and then rolled in some toasted ground peanuts.
Another hit at our table. It disappeared right after the wait staff placed it on our table. So we ordered it twice. 🙂

On a serious note, Holy Week is a time for reflection and penance. Let’s use this time to be more closer to the Almighty and be grateful for the Love He has given us and continue to give us. May the Lord bless us all.