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This past few months Peewee and I have been frequenting Starbucks because of one type of cake – Oreo Cheesecake. Peewee likes Starbucks’ Oreo Cheesecake because of one thing only, the mini Oreos on top as garnish. Yes, you read that right. I buy a P110 cheesecake JUST FOR THE MINI Oreo! Of course, I don’t want to waste the cheesecake so I eat the slice and would feel guilty afterwards.

Then a trip to our routine grocery shopping, I saw a tumbler of Mini Oreos for P74!!!
And inside was about 20 mini Oreos just for my Peewee to munch on.
I only bought one and Peewee consumed all of the mini Oreos in 3 days! He would lounge in the couch with the tumbler on hand and watch Yo Gabba Gabba. 😀

Then I told John about his mini-me’s new snack obsession and he found a resealable pack of Mini Oreos for P130. 🙂 Now, we can control how many Peewee could eat by just refilling his Mini Oreo tumbler with about 10 mini Oreos.

We also found tumblers and resealable packs of Chips Ahoy!, Fitz and Teddy Grahams. But we didn’t buy because Peewee doesn’t like them. If you want to try them out and have portion control on your child’s (and your) snacking, we have found them at ShopWise, Ever Gotesco Superamaket, Rustan’s Supermarket and Landmark Supermarket. 🙂

Any kiddie supermarket find you can share?