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I have been seeing a lot of bushels of sweet corn both in the markets and side street stalls. And this abundance signifies that summer is coming. So when I saw a basket full of ears last weekend at Farmer’s Market I knew what I would do with them.
I gently steamed them in water with a touch of butter and a little sugar about 10-15 minutes depending on the size of the ears. I think its better to steam ears of corn than boiling so retain its crispness and the sweetness. As soon as the corn was cooked I slather some more butter and sprinkle some salt. As I took a bite, it hear a little crunch and the kernels just burst inside my mouth and oh, the sweetness of the corn was unbelievable!!! I have never had the so sweet corn in my life! It was sweet that one might thought it was soaked in simple syrup. I think its an indication that the corn I bought was just harvested.

The gently steamed corn was sure a reward from my tiring morning. A satisfying snack indeed. πŸ™‚

What food that is so simple that its so satisfactory?