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When Peewee and I had some awesome gelato, I told John this new discovery.

Me: “Amps, we went to TriNoma and discovered yummy gelato. We should all go there some time.”
John: “You two went out and had fun without me?! Now I’m jellybelly (jealous)” 😦

A part of me wished that I should have not mentioned our little adventure as I saw John’s face brimming of jealousy. John loves his mini me so much that he wants to be part of Peewee’s every waking hour. I would see him frown when I tell him about Peewee’s new antics and tricks, new words and dance moves. My heart also breaks when I see Peewee prefers me so much more than his daddy. John would sometimes tells me how jealous he is that I get to spend the whole day with our little one. John and I would say “if only we have a money tree” so that he can stay at home with us and have our little adventures out of whim.

In order for John not to feel jealous of me with Peewee, I would let them be boys whenever he stays at home. John gives Peewee his bath, plays XBox with him, goes to the park and tinker with the computer. It is very important to us parents that our child have a special bond with EACH parent. The last thing I want to happen is to alienate John from Peewee. Right now, I think John feels we are both competing for Peewee’s attention. Maybe it’ll be different when we have another child, but I don’t know.
I have witnessed also my parents had parent(al) jealousy over us, their daughters. My sisters and I would always ask our mom first for anything (going out, asking for allowance, family dinners, etc.) and would only ask our dad when mom is not around. What my mom would do was pass the buck to my dad so that he would spend time with us. Like when I would go out with my friends in high school, my mom would ask my dad to drop me off to a friend’s house and he would also give my gimik allowance. 🙂 Or our mom would say “go ask daddy”. Growing up, we weren’t close to our dad because he was always working. Although now that he has slowed down, he has time for us and with Peewee.

Are you a parent? Have you experienced parent(al) jealousy?
Do you have suggestions how to deal with it?