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John has been busy this couple of weeks now which left Peewee and I at home MOST of the time. I would have Peewee with me every household chore that needs to be done: grocery shopping, paying bills and whatnot. So a trip to Landmark TriNoMa, we purposefully made a side trip to gelato heaven.

Gelatissimo. 🙂

I have known Gelatissimo about a year ago when it first opened their Makati branch. Since Makati is not our usual hang out place, we never had the time to try their tasty treats. So when I saw an ad about their TriNoMa branch was about to open, i prayed to gelato gods for Peewee and I try Gelatissimo at TriNoMa. 🙂

After our grocery shopping chore, we made our way to Gelatissimo to sample freshly made creamy and flavorful gelato. As I open the door, the server happily offered us samples and i had A LOT of samples. They offer an array of flavors of gelato and sorbet, from the simple but exquisite vanilla and chocolate to berries and green apple.

With so many gelato to taste, Peewee and I narrowed what we wanted into two.

Peewee had the chocolate biscotti.

Full flavored chocolate with chocolate swirls and bits of chocolate biscotti. Darn good gelato! Its so good that Peewee won’t share with me. So I had to take spoonfuls when he’s not looking.

I had the strawberry pavlova. Milky but not too sweet with swirls of strawberry. Darn good gelato too! It smooth to the mouth slowly melting and unveiling its intense flavor. I can’t find the right term how to describe it, I guess you have to try this one yourself. 🙂

As we savored our gelatos, we miss John having food adventures with us. (A nice excuse to have another Gelatissimo treat)

Have you tried Gelatissimo before? Whats your favorite flavor?