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I has been years since I dined in President Tea House. The first time I ate there was in Binondo with my parents. Now that President Tea House is expanding, I had recommended to John we try out this place.

We had dinner early, around 5PM so we were the first customer for the night. 🙂

We had…
Crispy Fried Chicken with Kropek.

The chicken was fried to perfection. Crisp flavorful skin. Juicy tender chicken meat. The sweet and sour sauce complimented the chicken perfectly. John and Peewee loved the Kropek which was freshly cooked which we appreciated.

Camaron Rebosado.

John said, “A chinese restaurant is not as such without Camaron Rebosado“.
Then I said, “Isn’t it the word “camaron rebosado” Spanish so how could it me Chinese?!” LoL
John was a bit disappointed on this one because he based his presumption that all Camaron Rebosado should look and taste like the ones being served at MXT. Though the shrimps were big and succulent, the batter used was a bit sweet for our taste.

Kutchay Dumplings.

This was the last to arrive but came out a bit raw. It has more pork than the kutchay. When we said to the server that the dumplings were raw, they gladly replaced it with new ones with no questions asked. It was good, but not as good as Dong Bei’s.

A chinese dinner in my family without Yang Chow Fried Rice.

The fried rice was very flavorful. It had pieces of bbq pork, shrimps, chinese sausage and veggies. Yummy!

Overall, it was a pleasant experience to eat at President Tea House again. A few little mishaps here and there won’t deter me on going back for more good and affordable chinese food.

Have you ever dined at President Tea House lately?