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My blogger friend Rob asked his followers to do a post about 10 things one has not done before. Since I’m one of Rob’s followers, I’ll put my list here.

10. Finish a marathon.
Yes, I did ran in a marathon when I was a freshman in law school but didn’t finished because of a strained foot. Hindi kasi nag streching eh! And this January I started brisk walking and do a little running. Again, I pulled a muscle because I didn’t learned my lesson (hindi kasi nag stretching eh!!!) I want to finish a marathon (kahit 3k lang) before the end of the year.

09. Learn Italian.
A fortune teller told me that I was Italian in my past life. She said I was a “haciendera” of an olive farm. Going to Italy is one thing in my bucket list, why not start learning the language eh?

08. Dine out in a posh restaurant ALONE.
Eating all alone in public mortifies me. If ever I’m hungry and no one wants to eat with me I’ll just go hungry or go home straight away to eat. I feel pathetic eating out alone. I feel nobody likes me. 😦

07. Propagate a plant, from seed to full grown plant.
Okay laugh. I don’t have a green thumb. And in High School, I got 75% passing grade in Agriculture for crying out loud. My parents and sisters can grow a fruit bearing tree from seed. Well, I guess I’m just not blessed.

06. Visit the National Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Manila.
I grew up in Intramuros but I have not been to the National Museum or the Metropolitan Museum in Manila. It wasn’t in any of my elementary and high school field trip itinerary. I want to see the Spoliarium up close.

05. Hike/Trek Mt. Taal OR Mt. Pinatubo.
I have been to Tagaytay countless times but I have not grabbed a chance to go for a boat ride to the lake and trek Mt. Taal. My sister Vanessa has been to Mt. Pinatubo and according to her, it was a thrilling adventure (dirt road travel and the turquoise blue water).

04. Meet at least ONE friend blogger.
I have made blogger friends last year and I wonder if they sound like how they write. πŸ™‚ Just wondrin’ how they are in person.

03. Pay a visit to and help out at Hospicio de San Jose in Manila.
My first visit to Hospicio de San Jose was a reach out program we had in high school. I met a lot of interesting seniors that had amazing stories of the past that you wouldn’t read in books. One particular old lady’s story stayed with me. She was one of the first ramp models of Manila. She said fashion shows were held in the historic Manila Hotel. She modeled in America and in Europe too. At the height of her career she married a Pinoy and lived and had children in the US. When her husband died, her children could not take care of her because of busy lives they have. So they sent her back here in Manila and put her in Hospicio. Right then and there I wanted her to live with us. I also knew that the elders have a special place in my heart.

02. Watch a live show.
Yes I know I’m baduy and corny. This is just one thing that I wish I can be brave enough to do. To watch a live show like The Buzz or a noon time show. Ang corny ano? πŸ˜€

01. Conquer my fear of heights and try bungee jumping or any activity that height is involve.
My knees quiver when I’m at the ledge of a balcony. So this one is scary.

Thanks Rob for encouraging your readers to aim for something this year. πŸ™‚