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There are certain events, things and at times food that evoke a memory. A picture, a look or a candy makes you smile at yourself and remember a fond memory.
Taho is my childhood memory in a cup. It brings me back to the days when I was carefree. Thinking only of things I’d do and play. When patintero and agawan base was THE favorite past time of kids; when having a Walkman means you are cool and when Nintendo family computer was THE game console to have.

I’m truly blessed with a wonderful childhood. I have formed long lasting friendship from people from my childhood where I witnessed how they blossomed as well-meaning adults that are now mothers and fathers. I have been a chaperone to some of my girl friends who had their first dates at Ali Mall and was even a bridge for one of my guy friends and helped him write his corny love letters. My childhood friends had witnessed how I turned into this boyish girl who doesn’t like to be the “taya” in tumbang preso to mother to Peewee and wife to John. They have seen the best and worst of me. All these memories rush to my head every time I take a spoonful of taho. Warm silken tofu dancing inside my mouth with little orbs of tapioca sweetened by the panocha.

What food evokes your childhood memory?