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As you can tell November was not a blogging month for me. Work has been hectic, gatherings and reunions of friends and family have started and I’m just damn too tired and lazy to write. And I have been watching a lot of TV nowadays (which is rare) and glued to National Geographic channel. One lazy afternoon, I got a chance to watch the most amazing thing: Great Migrations.

Watching how parent zebras protect their young from a cheetah, how male white-eared Kob fight each other to find a mate and a tribe of elephants mourn one of the baby calves made me realize how similar humans are to them. How they would do every thing in their might and power to protect their offspring and continue and preserve their genetic line. Watching Great Migrations relived my high school ambition to be a marine biologist and dream to travel and explore Africa.

This weekly show has been a bonding moment between me and Peewee. I am mesmerize how he reacts to the swarm of red crabs of Christmas Island, Wildebai (plural for Wildebeest) jumping to cross the Mara river and escape the razor sharp teeth of the crocodiles and to a male sperm whale as it dives and rubs its body to a female sperm whale. How makes sounds when he sees the beach master (dominant male elephant seal) and migratory Mallard ducks. The series also helped Peewee learn new words like run, deer, bat and more.

I feel like a kid watching Great Migrations. Looking at the animals in wonder.

Have you seen Great Migrations?