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My parents love seafood. They can go for days even weeks not eating meat. I inherited their love for seafood that is why I’m always on the hunt for restaurants that serve good fish and seafood. John and I discovered Somethin’ Fishy when we were still boyfriend-girlfriend, when going to Eastwood was the in thing.

We first discovered how delicious grilled marlin here and how fresh oysters from Roxas are one of the most succulent things you’ll ever devour. I can still remember eating here as we celebrated our first Valentine’s day as a married couple (kilig) 🙂 and we always order the same things which I would like to share with you.

Baked Oysters with Garlic and Cheese.
John and I don’t eat raw oyster or even kilawin (raw food cooked slightly in something acidic like vinegar or citrus juice) or ceviche style, we like your oysters baked. 🙂 Fresh oysters flown in from Roxas city almost everyday, these oysters are juicy, sweet and tasted like the sea. Every time I eat this, I could hear the waves and feel the sea breeze in my hair. A hint of garlic and the melted cheese compliments the succulent oysters.

Grilled Salmon Belly.
I was a bit disappointed ordering our fave this time around. You see, back in the day when they didn’t have all-you-can buffet set up, grilled fish really came out from the grill. Now, because of the buffet set up where they cook the food on the spot thing, they decided to cook our order there on the griddle. 😦 I missed the smokiness that the grill imparts on the fatty salmon belly. But nonetheless, we ate the whole thing. 🙂

We like their sisig as much as we like Gerry’s sisig. I like the crunchy parts and with less of the innards. Great with ice cold beer. 🙂

We ate early here so I got to see how they set up there buffet. Pretty interesting and yummy finds at the buffet spread. I promised John that we’ll try their buffet some other time.

Have you tried Somethin’ Fishy?
Is their buffet worth the money?