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There are certain food that can make you feel warm inside. That after indulging such food you feel that everything is alright with the world. There are also certain places that makes you feel at home. Places that welcome you with open arms and wash away your troubles out the door.

The Pancake House at Capitol Green Street is our comforting sanctuary. We usually spend our Sunday breakfast there with our usual Pancakes for Peewee, Longganisa for John and Perfect Match for me. We also find comfort with their non-breakfast food items like the Pork Vienna and our latest discovery the Jumbo House Burger.

The Jumbo House Burger is a 1/3 pound juicy beef patty with mushroom, bacon, cheese and the usual suspects – lettuce, cucumber and tomato on toasted bun. This juicy delectable treat is served with fries and some side salad. We asked our server to cut it in half so that John and I can share it. And when the two plates arrived, it lived up to its name – JUMBO. 🙂

This is how a burger should look like. You can see the strands of meat and meat juices flowing. It is perfectly cooked. The beef patty itself was over the top and they added crisp bacon strips (!) – oh heaven in every bite. I like that they didn’t add condiments (mayo and ketchup) ’cause the fresh juicy tomato and the cucumber balances out the decadence brought about by the beef, bacon and cheese. Every bite I took was like an explosion of flavor in my mouth at the same time washing my troubles away. Comforting indeed.

Pancake House yet again brought us something to look forward to other than our usual comfort food.

Whats your comfort food?