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This is Peewee doodling

And I thought I won’t do it, but I did.

Peewee has been attending toddler school. We have decided to enroll Peewee because we want him to be exposed to children his age and to teach him a little about independence. It has been a roller coaster ride every time Peewee and I go to school. The first week, the teachers allowed me to stay with the class. On week 2 day 1, the teacher did not allowed me to accompany him inside the classroom which resulted in a 2 hour cry fest. When I was about to fetch him, he hugged me tight and only then he stopped crying. My heart sank and had a knee jerk reaction of blaming myself (and the school) why I allowed it to happen to my baby. Week 2 day 2, Peewee was trembling when we reached the facade of the school. If he could only talk, he would say “Mommy, Peewee will be a good boy. Please don’t leave me here”. Well, this time I insisted on staying. He cried for about an hour then played a little the remainder of the class. Today is week 2 day 3 and we made progress! He cried less than 15 minutes, held on to a wheeled box of wooden blocks as his security blanket and participated during art time….with me of course holding his hand all the time. I hope by next week he’ll participate with the other students during sing and dance time. 🙂

During the recent years, I have seen an out spurt of toddler schools/baby schools around the metro. With so many to choose from that offer unique teaching techniques, how pick the right school for your child is a daunting task. Traditional? Progressive? Montessori-style? Disney-inspired? At kung ano-ano pa! Now I know the reason why God let me work for an “after school” learning center (then Scholastic Learning Library to Loyola Learning Library)- to know these things before Peewee goes to school. Having worked there and met/made friends with the teachers, I have a good idea what are the different approaches schools offer around our area. And I know what type of approach Peewee will benefit from. Searching and matching a child to a school can be an easy breeze or as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack especially when the child needs special education. Some kids adapt well in a rigid environment such as what tradition schools offer and others learn quick when the lessons are presented in a different way such as learning fractions through cooking or enriching vocabulary through theater plays and dramas.

In the end, a child’s happiness in the learning environment is the most important. Why send a child in a school that he doesn’t want to go to or if he is bullied? Its not just the parent’s opinion matters but the feelings of the child too.

Do you have a pre-schooler?
What made you decide to send him/her to school this early?
What were the factors that made you decide to send to the school of choice?

As I write, I’m still not settled with the school where my son is currently attending and I will keep on searching until I find the right one for him. 🙂