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Due to laziness, this is a long over due birthday post. 🙂

We spent the afternoon of my birthday
1. at the Bambang area in Manila to buy some medical stuff for John;
2. then went to Manila Ocean Park ’cause Peewee loves fishes; and finally
3. ate dinner at Mall of Asia.

It was a hot and humid afternoon. After our short trip at Manila Ocean Park, we were starving. John wanted chinese food so he suggested we have dinner here. But it was my birthday so I get to decide. 🙂

We ate like chinese royalty at Hong Kong Emperor Seafood Restaurant.

After ordering our food, we were served slightly picked veggies.

and the most amazing tea we have ever tasted. I liked it so much that I asked our server if I can buy some of their tea.

Service was quick and our food came one by one. First off, the yang chow fried rice.

For us, it was a bit bitin but the server said it was good for 2-3 persons. Maybe we were just very hungry. Grains were plump, well seasoned and had ample serving of the veggies, shrimp and chinese sausage and not oily at all. Yummy!

Because its my birthday and we were in a chinese restaurant, we gotta have roast duck.

We have had a lot of roast ducks before and I can safely say that Peking Garden’s Peking Duck has got some stiff competition. The gaminess that you would expect in a duck is absent, the skin crispy and not oily; the meat succulent. (drool!) John and I were in the brink of cursing because it was that good. Its so good that it should be banned! LoL

We ordered Hot Shrimp Salad because its one of our fave. 🙂

Lightly battered tiger prawns fried, with diced cucumbers and the contents of a Del Monte Fiesta Fruit Cocktail. I liked that they separated the prawns and the fruits and diced cucumbers. The prawns were fresh and cooked perfectly; the diced cucumber gave the fruit salad a refreshing taste and the mayo/cream dress was surprisingly light.

I wanted some dimsum so I ordered Siao Long Pao.

The soup inside was delicious! It tasted like it has been simmering for hours. It has a strong ginger flavor which I like.

Because its a fairly new restaurant, we were given a complimentary fruit plate. 🙂

Overall, our Hong Kong Emperor Seafood Restaurant experience was pleasant. Even though I didn’t celebrated my birthday with a huge party I was happy celebrating with the two most important people in the world for me. 🙂