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My family loves Japanese food. We have been going to Japanese restaurants since I was little so eating raw fish and Unagi does not make me squimish. So a few weeks ago, we had a Japanese dinner at Tempura Grill.

During this dinner, we weren’t in the mood for raw fish but filled our hungry tummies with these…

Ebi tempura.

Tiger prawns dipped in batter then fried quickly. This is a staple for us when we go to any Japanese restaurant. Everybody loved it because of the ample size of the shrimp and it was not greasy at all. We loved their dipping sauce, it was served hot and a little sweet.

I forgot the name of this one but its shrimp wrapped in bacon with a cheese center tempura. 🙂 Faye and Issa ordered this one. Faye liked it because of the cheese and Issa liked it because of the bacon. The dipping sauce that came with it did not complimented the tempura. We just dipped it with the sauce that came with the Ebi Tempura.

Then we had Gyoza. A mixture of ground pork, chives and garlic wrapped in a very thin wanton wrapper, steamed first before pan frying. My dad and I ate them all. I thought the chives would overpower the Gyoza but it cut the fatty taste of the pork. Yum!

A version of california maki with Kani salad on top. Super yum! What I liked about this one is the pulverized seaweed and sesame seeds around the roll, it gave a surprising flavor. The Kani salad on top was delish!

Not in photo are Chicken Terriyaki and Sukiyaki. (burp)

These family bonding time is what I look forward to every weekend. We talk about everything and anything while sharing a meal – simple or not. My parents share their new resto discovery while I share new showbiz chismax. I owe them my ever changing palate. They exposed us to different tastes at a very young age and I wish to give that kind of exposure too with Peewee.

Hows your family weekend bonding like?