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Peewee loves puzzles and mazes so his Dada bought this toy.

Round and round.
Up and down.
Round and round.
Up and down.
Big round ring, wires
1, 2, 3, just look at them swing!

As a parent, there are times that I feel overwhelmed with the volume and variety of toys available. I am very picky when it comes to buying toys for Peewee. I just don’t buy them just for popularity but the benefits Peewee will get when playing with the toy. My sister Vanessa would often tease me when I buy toys because as she puts it “I buy boring stuff”.

Peewee’s new toy is a bead maze by Educo. Bead mazes are great toys for toddlers because they help develop and enhance skills such as eye-hand coordination, recognition of color, size and shape, counting, visual tracking, language development, spatial concepts, imaginative play, understanding directions, grouping and patterning and listening.

Peewee likes his new toy so much that he wants it beside him during bedtime. He plays with it before he goes to sleep and right after he wakes up. Knowing that Peewee likes classic toys, we have been in search for them around the metro. I love that Peewee likes those colorful but simple toys.