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For some, Gerry’s Grill is a place for beer-chugging-bonding-time but for us it is our go-to comfort food restaurant.

Every time we try out new grill places, we always try out their sisig. Amongst the places we have tried, Gerry’s serves one of the best sisig around next to Trellis. Its a myriad of gastronomical senses – salty, spicy, a bit sour, crunchy and tender bits of pork parts. We love it when the sizzling plate is scorching hot when it is served.

Another Gerry’s fave of ours is the Grilled Blue Marlin Belly. If you want to eat something fatty without feeling guilty then this is the one. Its like eating the fat from the fried pork liempo but its the fatty stomach lining of the blue marlin. Ask the servers first if this is available.

Whenever we have a mini celebration or had a bad work week, we head to Gerry’s to feast on our comfort faves.

What’s your fave at Gerry’s Grill?