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My parents have a farm in Antipolo where trees they have planted about 10 years ago are beginning to bear fruit. Peewee and I tagged along when they visited the farm a few weeks ago.

Peewee was very happy when he saw chickens roaming around the farm freely. And boy, he shrieked his heart out when he was a cow up close. He wanted to take the chickens and cow home.

Anyways, we were fortunate that some of the mango trees were bearing fruit. When Mang Carlo, the caretaker of the farm, gave me this mango, my jaw dropped!

You can see that I placed it beside a real 50 peso bill and a 250mL alcohol. It was THAT huge! Since I don’t fancy unripe mango, I wrapped the mango in old newspaper and let it ripen for 3-5 days. After 5 days, the skin of the mango was still green but the fresh turned into bright orange-y yellow. After the first bite, my taste buds were confused. It looked like Zambales mango but it tasted like Indian mango. I had to taste it 2-3 times before I made a conclusion. Its a Giant Indian Mango!

Any mango expert out there who can enlighten me what variety of mango is this?