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Okay, I’m guilty. I have not been updating my blog religiously. But I promise to catch up loss posts this coming days. First off, my family went to Baguio to attend a relative’s wedding.
Congrats to Kuya John and Ate Bernadette! May you have a blissful marriage and unending love for each other. 🙂

Since we went up to Baguio Saturday morning (for the wedding) and went home Sunday evening, we had to cram our itinerary.
First the lovely wedding…
Church ceremony was at the St. Joseph the Worker Parish (where Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez wed).

Reception was at the Pines View Hotel.

Didn’t get to take many photos because Peewee was playing with other kids.
Overall, the wedding was very intimate. 🙂

After our heavy Sunday breakfast, we headed to the Strawberry Farm at La Trinidad. It has been 15 years since I’ve been to this field. We used to spend our summers in Baguio when my aunt Olive worked for DECS-CAR division.

At the Strawberry Farm, you can opt to pick your own strawberry for 180-250php per kilo depending on the size or just buy the picked ones either in boxes or baskets for 90 pesos per kilo. We opted to just buy baskets and pick our own broccoli.

Broccoli picking is free and 100 pesos per kilo which yields 2-3 heads depending on the size. After the broccoli picking, we saw a small patch of flowers in the middle of the field. Peewee was ecstatic upon seeing those blooms.

While Peewee was frolicking amongst the flower bed, a taho vendor approached me and said “Ma’am bili na kayo ng taho na pang-facebook, pang-twitter at pwede rin pang-youtube!” I was curious and bought a cup for 20 pesos.

Strawberry taho! Your typical taho with mini sago sans the arnibal (caramel) instead whole strawberries cooked slowly in Mount Province honey. OMG! The strawberry-honey topping can go well with pancakes or waffles or even in vanilla ice cream!

Of course, a trip to Baguio is not complete without visiting Mines View Park and Wright Park.

On our way back to Manila, we had a delectable lunch at Matutina’s in Pangasinan. 🙂

How’s your summer so far?