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I have been bringing Peewee to my parents’ house and his relationship with my parents and sisters are getting better by the week. Two weeks ago, I left him there without any crying involved! Hallelujah! John and I got to eat lunch quietly and really enjoyed it.

Last Sunday Peewee and I were at my parents’ house where he had his nap. John came to fetch us but because Peewee was asleep and did not want to wake him, I suggested to John to let Peewee stay and just come back for him after dinner. Yes, insta-date!

One of John’s comfort is chicken bbq so after our dibidi run, we headed to Aristocrat. πŸ™‚

He had Boneless Chicken BBQ and Beef Dinuguan (Beef Blood Stew).

I had Pork BBQ and Arroz Con Caldo (Rice porridge with Ox tripe).

It is seldom that we eat out at the same time so I really enjoyed last Sunday’s dinner without Peewee. Its nice to just eat, talk and reconnect. I hope this is the first of many insta-dates for us. πŸ™‚