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I’m not really big on Easter, well not with Easter bunnies, but I celebrated this day in my own personal way – by prayer. Thankful for the sacrifice Jesus made. Thankful for the life I’m living (I promised myself to STOP complaining because there are other people living worse than I am – this is one of my New Year’s resolution). Thankful for my family and friends. Thankful for everything that is happening to me, good or bad ’cause they make me stronger than ever.

Anyways on with our Easter Sunday…

When we went to Megamall to have Chinese, John saw a new resto which I said we would try. So last Sunday we had dinner at Orchard Road. 🙂

John had Hainanese Chicken…
Boiled chicken with herbs and spices with rice simmered in the chicken stock with grated ginger and a sweet soy sauce. Hainanese chicken is Singapore’s national dish. John said its good, the chicken was juicy with no ‘malansa’ after taste. Portion was adequate for one person.

I had Roasted Chicken. Yeah, I know I wasn’t imaginative with my meal. My right heel was killing me so my mind was on my foot than my stomach. Sorry. 😦 Roasted chicken was bland and dry. My saving grace was the sweet sauce that made the chicken bearable. Will not order this again.

We ordered Hokkien Mee. Miki noodles tossed with mixed seafood and slices of fish cake. Deceivingly good. Serving was okay. Looked and smelled like miki bihon you’d order in a carinderia but WAY better. Its malasa.

Our criticism of the place was the lack of personnel, the lack of knowledge by the staff of their products and the order slip. There was a slow turnover of tables because there was no bus boy cleaning them. John saw a lady called for a staff member to clean up their table and you know what the person did? Called another crew member to clean it up! Que Horror! It doesn’t matter if you are the manager or the bus boy, if a customer asked you if you could clean their table, you clean their damn table! John saw something yummy on the table beside us and asked me to order that too. I didn’t know what it was so I described it to the receptionist (the one giving out the order slips) what we wanted. Lo and behold, it came out different (Hokkien Mee)! John gave me this what-is-that look. But we were satisfied with our accidental order. 🙂 And lastly, the order slip. If you are unaware of Singaporean dishes, you won’t have a damn clue what’s good and what’s not. Is Nasi Goreng hot or sweet? How about Bak kuh Teh? Does it have seafood or meat? Take for example, Mee Goreng (fried noodles similar to Pancit Canton) or Bubur Cha Cha (a hot soupy dessert with tapioca balls and sweet potatoes similar to Guinataan Halo-halo). Because of the lack of knowledge and meager availability of the staff, you will have a difficult time asking about what’s what on the menu. And the pictures didn’t help because they were almost hidden from public view located near the kitchen area where you have to go around just to see them. PLUS the pictures were repetitive.

In spite of these criticisms, John said he can tolerate the bad service for the good food. I have kept a copy of the order slip and he asked me to Google weird sounding dishes that we’ll try next time.

Have you tried Orchard Road?

Orchard Road is located at the 2nd floor bridgeway Megamall.