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Ever since Peewee was born, our lives turned upside down, sideways and all around. So different from the lives we had before. So different. Movie dates are usually during Wednesdays wherever we want, whenever we want to watch. Now, we have to ask someone to watch over Peewee and we can only watch at night when he is sound asleep. Anyways, we had an opportunity to have a movie night last Saturday and we watched Clash of the Titans in 3D.

Since it was our first time to watch in 3D, we splurged on our seats.

Since John paid for the seats, I paid for our drinks. πŸ™‚

Here’s our take on the movie…
Its visually stunning especially the CGI of Medusa and location shots. It’s a guy’s movie because of the action sequences and girl’s movie too because of Mr. Eye candy Sam Worthington. 3D effects are very subtle so don’t expect images appearing out of the screen. It really enhanced our viewing pleasure because of the multi-layered effect of the film. With all the technology used in the film, it lacked character development. Perseus character was mentioned briefly and so does Io. If only they had the character development it had from the original film merged with the technology of the remake, we think it would have been up there with Lord of the Rings trilogy.

One thing good about having occasional movie nights is that we get to see really good films and not just lets-watch-this-because-its-new movies. John said we HAVE to watch Iron Man 2, by hook or by crook. Cross-fingers lang ako. πŸ™‚

Have you seen Clash of the Titans? Whats your take on the movie? Which do you prefer, the original or the remake?