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I have been asked a lot of questions about my son.

How old is your son?

He’s so big! What is the brand of his milk?

Is he picky with his food?

Then, a couple of weeks ago a good friend of mine asked me

Peewee is two already, he’s big enough to have a little brother or little sister. When is baby #2 coming?

These are my usual answers…

Don’t ask me. You should ask John about that. πŸ™‚

If Peewee graduates from diapers then we’ll see.

The first year of our marriage, I was pressured to be pregnant right away. Everybody asked if I was pregnant yet. It came to a point that my mother asked me if I was under the pill. Of course I did not confirm nor deny her accusation. Its between me and John. πŸ™‚ Just right after our 2nd wedding anniversary, Peewee was born. Everybody was happy that he’s a boy since my sisters and I don’t have a brother. Everybody adores our Peewee. Now that he is 2 years old, people have been asking me when will we have baby #2. They asked me as if it was my sole decision. Don’t you think John have a say on things like this? Of course he does! He’s going to pay my hospital bill and doctors’ fees right?! LoL πŸ˜€

I know that having baby #2 should be a decision mutually agreed upon. And factors such as finances and space plays a role in that decision. Logically speaking, with the current situation our family is in, there is no room for baby #2. But in my heart I would like to have another addition to our family. I’m turning 31 this year and I’m giving myself 5 more years to bear more children. Yes, there’s the technology permitting women in their late 30’s and even in their 50’s to bear a child but its not for me. I don’t want to be in my 60’s and I have a kid in high school or worse in elementary. I won’t be enjoying my children when I am old and gray. I want to run, jump and play with them.

Knowing its a mutual decision, what if husband and wife don’t agree? Who ULTIMATELY decides on the matter? The mother who will carry the baby for nine months and puts her life in danger (in some cases) during this time and during delivery? Or the father who will financially provides for the welfare of the child? Okay, lets reverse the situation. What if the mother thinks she’s done having babies or thinks she’s too old to have them and wants to focus on her career/life? What if the father wants more kids (is this even possible?)?

Knowing that in Philippine culture, having a son gives much honor to a family and would connote that the son will continue on the name of the father, would I think differently about baby #2? Would John feel differently if Peewee had been a girl? There are times I would tease John about baby #2 and he would tease me back by saying “lets work on a baby girl?” then I would say “I don’t care if its a girl or boy. For as long as he/she is healthy.”

I’m still not brave enough to seriously ask John about this. I may not like his answer and it might just break my heart. For now, I’m enjoying being a mother of a two year old boy.

What are your thoughts about having more children?