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It was payday yesterday and I’m craving for some Chinese.

We headed to Megamall to buy a gift for a kiddie party we are attending this weekend and to try out HK Choi by Choi Garden.

Every time we go to Greenhills we always traverse through Annapolis street where in the left side coming from EDSA, you’ll notice that Choi Garden is always jam packed. Because of this, I became curious. So when they opened their branch in Megamall, I woudn’t want to pass out trying their good food.

Since its a chinese restaurant, we have to order roast duck. We have tried Gloria Maris’ and HongKong Chef and they were mouth watering.

HK Choi’s version of roasted duck is on top of our list. Juicy meat with no hint of gaminess and the skin, oh the skin! Its like eating a newly cooked lechon – it was that crispy!

To feel less guilty eating the roast duck (cholesterol!) I ordered the steamed fish fillet with garlic. The fish, fresh and cooked just right. The garlic and the light soy was a nice compliment with the delicate flavor of the fish.

Their version of Yang Chow Fried Rice was okay. Plenty of veggies, minced meat and shrimp. Not oily which is good. But I prefer Gloria Maris’ version.

Overall, our dining experience is one in the books because of the duck. Definitely we’ll be back to try out their dimsum and other dishes.

Have you tried HK Choi by Choi Garden?