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Being a stay at home mom, I don’t give much time for myself. My day revolves around house work, Peewee and my job as a virtual assistant. It is only when John arrives home from work that I can sorta relax. Check Facebook and play Cafe World. 😀

So last Wednesday, during Peewee’s afternoon nap I took some time for myself.

I went out to get my nails done. 🙂 It has been months since I have been to a nail salon. As I entered the salon, I felt my shoulders relaxed and weak in the knees in anticipation of being pampered.

It took a good hour and a half for my nails to get done. Its nice that once in a while t I can put my feet up and someone to pamper me. Some people think that being a stay at home parent is easy because you don’t leave the house. Actually its quite the opposite. In between cleaning the house and doing the dishes, I need to take care of my son and do my job. There are nights that by 8PM I’m out like a light because all of the things I do everyday.

There are times that I wish to go back working outside the home. But every time I see Peewee overcoming developmental milestones like jumping in both feet and figuring out a puzzle made me realize that I made the right decision.

I felt a bit guilty that it took a while for my nails to get done so I went to the supermarket and bought a special treat for John and Peewee. I cooked a steak dinner.

What are you little luxuries in life? Are you a stay at home parent too? If so, what do you do for yourself?