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Every time we are at Eastwood Mall, MoMo Cafe is always jam packed with people. So it’s a treat for us to have a seat right away last Sunday. πŸ™‚
I have read mixed reviews about this place and was still brave enough to try them out.
Here’s what we had.

Complimentary bread and cheese spread. Thin slices of baguette, buttered then baked until crisp. The cheese spread was a mixture of butter, grated cheese, pimientos and herbs. The bread is crisp to the bite, a little sweet and a tinge of the butter a nice backdrop to the cheese spread. I find the cheese spread yummy and can be easily done at home.

After the bread and spread was served, the pumpkin soup was immediately served. Piping hot, creamy and homey. Pureed pumpkin with a dash of cream topped with bacon bits.

Since most of the items on the menu are great for sharing, we opted to share the appetizer and the entree. For the appetizer we had the Pancake Battered Chicken and Bacon Balls. If you like corn dogs then you’ll love these chicken balls. Its as big as a Fuji apple, ground chicken with bacon bits with a cheese cube as its core accompanied with three different dips: garlic mayo, tartar-like sauce and barbeque sauce. John and I both liked them. Even though it was deep fried, you won’t get that greasy taste in your mouth and the chicken balls stayed very moist. We highly recommend this. πŸ™‚

For our entree, we shared the Pan Roasted Shitake Mushroom crusted salmon with spinach risotto and roasted veggies. Yummy! The salmon was flaky but slightly overcooked. (Forgivable) I particularly liked the roasted zucchini and carrots still a little crunchy and sweet. I find the risotto a bit bland and too fatty(too much cream i think). Overall it was a great dish. Love the touch of teriyaki sauce. πŸ™‚

I was afraid that John won’t like MoMo Cafe because its not our usual Sunday dinner. But thankfully he did and would like to try out other dishes in the menu. Service was good and quick. They have attentive servers and very helpful and knowledgeable about what they offer. We’ll definitely come back to this place. πŸ™‚

What’s your MoMo Cafe experience?