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Call me old fashion but I think courtship has been redefined or worse extinct.

This thought came about when a guy friend of mine confronted me if one his barkada did courted me in college.

The conversation went this way…

Guy: Ing, can I ask you a question?
Me: Sure thing pating… whats on your mind?
Guy: Did Jologz courted you nung college? Kasi ask namin siya tapos labo ng answer(Coz he didn’t gave us a straight answer). He said he did pero busted mo daw(He said he did but you didn’t like him). Bat mo sya busted? Gwaping naman ah!
Me: Huh? Did he? I had no idea he was courting me. Yes he called me at home. Visited me at home twice and then out of the blue, nadah! ay ligaw na ba yun? Ano ba style ni Jologz mag court?
Guy:Style nya? Hindi sya mapakali ganun, tatawag tawagan ka.
Me: Ay ligaw na pala yun? Sana nagsabi siya naliligawan niya ako then sana pinahirapan ko siya. LoL
Guy: Hwag… barkada e… If he had told you, does he have the chance?
Me: I don’t know ‘coz he didn’t courted me naman e.

I have seen this style of courting when I was in college (circa 1996) and it never appealed to me even a bit. Call me dense but I don’t want to assume on any act towards me. I grew up with very protective male cousins and have warned me about these kind of courtship of men. My cousins would always say “If he is serious of having you as a girlfriend, he will tell his intentions and will tell uncle and auntie too”. So it became may number one rule in courtship.

Thankfully, my sister Vanessa’s boyfriend was old school too, he told me that he likes my sister and wants to woo her. He even told me parents too! He’s a good guy and he’s inching his way into our family. πŸ™‚

Now, my baby sister Faye on the other hand has a different story. Every since she transferred into a co-ed, some guys have been texting her, visiting her in class and like buzzing bees in a patch of blooms surrounds her quite a lot. In her first year in the new school, I can’t even call our house because she’s always entertaining a call. And I asked her about these boys and she said ‘they are courting me daw’. I was dumbfounded! When they call or text a girl equates to courtship?! OMG ha! OMG…

What I’m trying to say is gone are the days of wooing and endless persuasion of men that they are worthy of a woman’s attention and love. I don’t believe that time changed woman’s perspective of courtship. Women love to be pursued. Wait, lemme take this into a more personal level. I love to be pursued, chased and conquered. I love the attention. I love how they tried to impress me with their intelligence and wit. Some even tried to buy me love. Others tried wooing me with letters and poems. You see guys, I will let you in a secret: women need to know how you would love them and take care of them.

John asked me if he can woo and pursue me. Right then and there I was smitten. He courted me for almost a year and we have been together ever since. πŸ™‚

To you gals, how do you like to be pursued?
To guys, what’s your courtship style?

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