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I am writing this post around 1PM where the sun is in its brightest and hottest… and I’m gonna torture myself and hopefully you as well. hehehehe 😀
I’m (day)dreaming of these…

and these too…

lets not forget these also….

Where we can get it here ONLY…

Where in Manila is this you may ask? SM MALL OF ASIA, PASAY. Lucky to those who live around the area but unlucky for me who lives in faraway boondocks of Quezon City. 😦
If only gasoline prices were still at the P23.25 per liter price range I’ll be here every afternoon.
You see, we capped off Peewee’s day at Cold Comfort by Sebastian’s. I knew of this store before and was really excited that I’m gonna taste some of their treats. Well, at least one. 🙂

I really wanted each of us to have a treat but it was too much indulgence (remember simple celebration lang diba?) so we opted to have this one…

Its Black and White sort of. Black and White is a chocolate waffle with Sebastian’s White Chocolate Macadamia ice cream topped with whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa powder. Since Peewee loves Chocoholics Anonymous (and he’s the boss that day), we switched ice cream.
The celebrant waited patiently for his ice cream. Always checking the tubs of ice cream and pointing out which flavor he likes.

And oh, the smell wafting inside the shop was intoxicating. The moment the chocolate batter hit the waffle maker the place smell of chocolate cake or brownie being baked. I was uber happy. 🙂

I can’t wait to go back to Mall of Asia.
Have I tortured you enough to try Cold Comfort by Sebastian’s?

The first nine photos are from Sebastian’s Facebook Fanpage.