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I have waited 38 weeks for Peewee to come out of the world. I can’t wait to cradle him in my arms, smell his hair and sing to him. He changed our lives even before he was born. And now the wait is over, he is here.

Preston Riley was born on February 24, 2008 at 1:29 am. And this is his birth story.

Early morning of February 23 I was happy giddy and nervous at the same time. I am going to give birth today or tomorrow! My bags are packed and triple checked it. Baby clothes check! My clothes check! Paper of information about me check! By 10 in the morning I’m wearing a green gown and wheeled into the labor room. Because I had gestational diabetes, a resident monitored my blood sugar every four hours and was not allowed to eat or drink anything.

The staff in the labor room especially the senior interns of the Ob-Gyn department were very accommodating with every question I had regarding labor and delivery. Around 5 in the afternoon my Ob-Gyn checked up on me and asked if I had eaten yet. I said no because the internal medicine (IM) resident prohibited me to eat. 😦 So John brought me chicken sandwich to eat. By 8 in the evening, I was starting to feel THE pain. I was only 7cm dilated and under excruciating pain that I crushed the bottled water in one hand. I had asked for an epidural provided that John will be by my side when they put the anesthesia. Around 10 in the evening I was chilling and the epidural was a big help with the pain. They provided me electric blankets that after a few minutes sparked! LoL no, I wasn’t buzzed. 🙂

By 11:45 in the evening I was fully dilated and wheeled me to the delivery room. They called John to give me support and encouragement. The nice anesthesiologist gave me another shot of the epidural and calmed me. I had a cough during that time that every other push I have to cough my lungs out. Push! Cough! Push! Cough!

I was pushing and coughing my heart out! Until a middle aged man put his hand and pushed my tummy. The doctor said ‘ok Ingrid, last push, push hard, okay its coming, Push!’ You know what I said? ‘wait lang, na uubo ako!’ Push!!!!!! Then a popping sound, then a cry… Peewee’s out!

It was such a rush! I couldn’t see Peewee from where I was. A lot of doctors and nurses were surrounding him. John saw Peewee being examined, checked his vital signs. John was looking at Peewee like a hawk. He couldn’t take his eyes off him. He’s beautiful. And came out of the world with attitude.

Our first family picture