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When John and I got married, we decided not to have children immediately right after. Even though we were together as boyfriend/girlfriend for six years, we still needed some adjustments living in one roof. During this adjustment period, we partied like rock stars – going out on clubs almost every weekend, movie dates during Wednesdays and dining out three times a week. It was fun but there was a tiny void. That void started to creep into me on our first year anniversary. I wanted a baby – so much. I was afraid that I can’t conceive because I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Knowing this before hand, we consulted a specialist and went into medication the first year of our marriage.

Father’s day of 2007, I bought a home pregnancy test kit that I hid from John. I wanted to surprise him with a ‘positive’ sign. But when I took the test, it turned out to be negative. I cried my eyes out. I was in the verge of admitting to myself that I can’t conceive and look for other treatments or even give up trying. A week goes by and I feel weird. I felt sluggish, dizzy during mornings and nauseated. I was like this for the next three weeks that John said we should pay a visit to my Ob-Gyn (Dra. Angela S. Aguilar). Without my doctor asking, I kept a journal to track my period and when I started my medication. The doctor examined me and at the moment the scope touched my tummy, she shouted ‘Ay! Pregnant ka!” My eyes welled up and tears started to fall which I tried very hard to stop. I cried like there was no tomorrow. Mixed feelings overwhelmed me. Relief, joy, love, happiness, fear, relief. It was July 18, 2007, we saw a teeny-weeney (syn. peewee) dot that changed our lives forever. I was five weeks pregnant. 🙂

The first four months was like a typhoon. I vomited from eight in the morning til eight in the evening. There were times that I would wake up in the middle of the night and just vomit. At the middle of a conversation I would vomit. Fox’s mint candy was my best friend. I was really sensitive with food and smells also. John and I used to go to Farmer’s Market every Sunday but when I was pregnant, I couldn’t stand the smell of the market. I’m not a steak person, I couldn’t finish a decent cut of tenderloin pre pregnancy. But when I was pregnant a porterhouse steak was not enough for me.

By my 5-6months of pregnancy, I was told that I have gestational diabetes. I had to consult yet again another specialist (Dra. Rosa Allyn Sy) for my diet regime and if I would be needing insulin shots. Thankfully, I wasn’t required to get insulin shots but a very strict diet. Can you imagine being six months pregnant during the Christmas season? I was really hard for me not to eat my fave Christmas treats like leche flan, lechon and an array of pastries. And oh those tiny pricks in my fingers six times a day! I had to check my blood sugar before and after meals and I have to journal what I ate and how much.

During my last trimester it was a breeze. I kept walking and walking. I adjusted with my strict diet. I can feel Peewee bouncing around inside me. He would kick me if its time to eat and I would feel him maneuvering inside if he’s about to sleep. It was February 20, 2008 my last check up, I was already 5cm. We opted an induced labor because it was a leap year and there was a big chance that I will give birth on the 29th – which we don’t want. So come the weekend I was admitted at Cardinal Santos Medical Center.

to be continued…