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Since we had enjoyed V-day with my family, I needed some alone time with my men (aka John and Peewee) post valentines. Plus, the fact my feet are itching to go somewhere. So after some stroll to the mall, we wanted to have a nice quiet dinner.

Capitol Green Street is our little hideaway from the hustle and bustle of Commonwealth Avenue. heheheheh Its tucked away surrounded by gated communities like Ayala Hillside Estates and Ayala Heights.

We had dinner at our fave breakfast place.

I had Pork Vienna, thin pork slices breaded in panko then fried (think pork tonkatsu) served with a sweet tangy sauce with white rice and coleslaw. Yummy! It was perfectly cooked: crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside. The dipping sauce and the coleslaw cut down the fatty aftertaste of the pork.

John had Beef Tapa, marinated to perfection beef tenderloin strips served with garlic rice and egg as you like them. John always order this and its a no-brainer.

Since I’m not into flowers John treated me to have some cake – chocolate cake that is at Jack’s Loft. We had the Decadent Chocolate Cake, intensely chocolate cake with a caramel topping. They served this warm but we wanted it zapped some more so that the caramel on top will seep into the already moist cake. Ay, after one bite you’ll taste the intense chocolate then the sweet caramel. No flower can beat that!

We are not really into the commercialism of Valentine’s day even before we got married. I can only think of handful times that we went out on a date on V-day itself and it was really a pain. Valentine’s day or not, its nice to have some quiet time with your love ones where you can really feel the love all around.