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Last Sunday, my car broke down. We were at the Katipunan extension along the White Plains area when suddenly the engine stopped. Thankfully we were parked on the side. We waited for an hour for the engine to cool off before we opened the hood. I called reinforcements (my parents) if they can tow us. It was getting dark and we were getting hungry. Thank goodness we were parked in front of Juanchito’s. πŸ™‚

What makes Juanchito’s bibingka different from the rest? Their bibingkas are baked in a pugon – a brick oven that can sustain high temperatures – that ensures the bibingkas are cooked quickly and evenly. No more burnt bottoms! Juanchito’s sell two types of bibingkas: The Super Star which is galapong with two eggs, milk, sugar, margarine topped with salted eggs, grated cheddar cheese and coconut and the Super King which is basically the same with the Super Star with the addition of white cheese (kesong puti). While waiting for my parents, we ordered the Super Star and asked the crew that we want ours made when our ‘sundo’ arrived which they happily obliged. Cars coming from and going to Ortigas were stopping by at this place ordering as much as 12 in one go. Then it must be good bibingka eh? πŸ˜€

When my parents arrived, the car started in one click! And our bibingka was ready on time. I asked my parents to convoy with John (the Lola wanted the Little one aka Peewee in her car) so that if ever the car stops again they can easily tow it down. Lo and behold my car was okay from Katipunan to Commonwealth! And the bibingka was still piping hot when we arrived home.

The bibingka was unlike other bibingkas I have ever tasted. For one, it was ensaymada-soft. It was like cutting into a very moist cake. And the different tastes really blended well – the bibingka was not too sweet, slivers of salted egg gave it an edge plus the cheese. We didn’t bother to put the grated coconut anymore because the bibingka tasted perfect without it (plus, we’re not sure if the coconut was still fresh from the trip).

Have you tried Juanchito’s before?

P.S. The following day (Monday) we went to Juanchito’s – Fairview branch and tried the Super King super sarap!

P.P.S My car is fixed already (yehey!) electrical problem. πŸ™‚