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It started last week. The afternoon sun is just too unbearable, an indication that summer is just around the corner. And every afternoon that started last week, I have been hinting John that I want something cold. But every time we go out to have our afternoon merienda, we get re-routed into something else. Today, John finally got the hint I have been dropping him since last week. So around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, under the scorching heat of the sun, we went to Ayala TechoHub to get our Razon’s fix.

Strips of macapuno, diced sweetened bananas, slivers of leche flan, ice and evaporated milk. Such simple ingredients yet utterly divine. My theory why Razon’s halo halo is one of the best in this part of the Philippines is the proportions of the macapuno, bananas and the leche flan. Oh my, I almost forgot the shaved ice that they use! Its powdery fine like snow but it doesn’t melt fast. I usually let the ice melt for some time before I gingerly spoon the slivers of leche flan on the top (yes, I don’t mix the leche flan with the halo halo). I like their leche flan as is, sweet with a bit of citrus-y flavor to them. Writing about the halo halo makes me drool!

Aside from the halo halo, I was craving for ensaymada. I told John to order me one ensaymada sans the grated quezo de bola. Oh. My. Gulay! Its one of the best ensaymada I’ve ever had for years! I think its up their with Hizon’s of Quiapo. Its buttery, soft, sweet and with undertones of the grated cheese. If I didn’t ordered the halo halo, I would have ordered the hot chocolate and dunk the ensaymada. As my son puts it “Nam Nam!”

When Razon’s decided to open a branch here in Manila around 3-4 years ago, John and I used to go to Cubao just to have their halo halo and pancit luglug. I had to stop eating Razon’s during my pregnancy because of health reasons (gestational diabetes) and its been a while since I have eaten them. Now that they have a more accessible branch to us, summer afternoons will not be so hot anymore.

What’s your fave pinoy snack?