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A couple of months ago, my mother asked me why my son Peewee doesn’t know any dance moves (papaya dance) like the ones in noontime shows. I said “Peewee does not watch Wowowee or any local TV for that matter, he only watches his DVDs and cable channels like CNN and Disney Playhouse” You know what my mom said “Ang corny mo naman anak, you should let him watch that so he’ll learn how to sing and dance”.

And I thought it was the end of the ‘papaya’ dance issue until last Friday while having breakfast, John blurted out the most insane thing “I’m gonna teach Peewee the papaya dance!”

I said “Over my dead body! Don’t teach our son such senseless things” LoL

Okay call me over reacting but things like those seem senseless to me. I’d rather teach him his body parts, name countries with the corresponding flags or anything educational. Every thing I teach or impart to my son is geared towards his education – Science, Math, Reading and others NOT kalokohan. Okay, call me corny if you want, but at least my son will learn more sensible things.

Growing up, I didn’t get to watch a lot of TV because our office was my second home. It had typewriters, tons of paper, calculators and a photocopying machine. At age 4 I can read, write and use the calculator and typewriter and preferred reading atlas and reference materials than comics and coloring books. Because I was exposed to those materials, I learned more and love reading which greatly helped me while in law school. I remember when I was in elementary my classmates and I have thisΒ  Name, Place, Animal, Thing game where you divide your paper to 4 columns and each column has a designated title: Name, Place, Animal, Thing. They always tease me how I ‘make up’ words like aardvark or lynx for animals and Swaziland and Santorini for places. Or why I don’t watch Nickelodeon but instead watch the Animal Planet or Discovery channel. I was not a dork during my school days, I wasn’t even in the honor roll.

What I’m trying to say is, for me I’d like to teach my son something he will appreciate when he goes to school. Wala lang I’m just ranting….