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Our Sunday afternoons are always spent outside our home. Its our last ‘gimik’ before another work week starts.

So last Sunday, after our usual ‘run’ we spent our late Sunday afternoon at Eastwood.

I wanted to try something new to munch so we headed to

We both had Beef Pepper Rice and a Crunchy Kani salad on the side.

The cooking-your-own-food concept don’t really appeal to us so the whole dining experience wasn’t really something to write about extensively. But I liked the Crunchy Kani Salad.

After our dinner, I was raving to John about a milkshake I had a couple of days before. So I wanted him to try them.

Johnny Rockets’ milkshakes are worth the money! Its uber thick that you have to give it some energy to sip.

John had Chocolate Milkshake and I had the Rootbeer Float. John said the milkshake itself is worth going back to Johnny Rockets. And my rootbeer float was extraordinarily good.

Yes, the rumors are true. Their burgers are EXPENSIVE (think P250 for a cheeseburger, get my drift?). As John puts it ‘A burger is a burger is a burger’.Β  But if its a Wagyu Beef Burger or a Foie Gras, then that’s a whole different story. πŸ™‚ We’ll try them next time if I have the budget.Β  Ha ha ha ha

And oh, before I forget the crew of Johnny Rockets have a song-dance routine every time certain songs are played in the jukebox. Super funny. πŸ™‚

Whats your take on cook-your-own-food concept of dining?

Have you tried Sizzling Pepper Steak or Johnny Rockets? How was your experience?