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I don’t believe in making resolutions, it connotes something wrong was done and need fixing. As optimistic that I am, I rather set goals for the coming year and be reflective of the year that pass.

2009 was a busy year for me personally and in the process learned more about myself and the people around me. This is also the year I gained new friends, lost and rekindled old ones. There’s an upcoming opportunity for me that requires hard work and perseverance (don’t they always) but I still have to weigh out my options.  It just needs some tweaking before it pans out in full swing.

2010 promises a lot of things in general. I just hope everything will turn into something not just good but better. Goal-setting for the future is good but do not forget to live for today. My mind is spinning like a top with all the ideas brewing up that it makes me dizzy. So I decided to write it down that will serve a reminder what I need to focus on.

1. Be healthier.

I’m marking my 2010 as ‘ME’ time. I have neglected my health last year by repeatedly dodging a procedure that everybody wants me to get it done especially my hypochondriac mother. I have consulted the very best in the field of medicine and have repeatedly told me the same thing – “Get it done”.

2. Be wiser.

I have stumbled last year and ready to pick up myself with God’s helping hand. I have to be wiser this year – in life, in money, in everything!

3. Live Consciously.

A lot of people I know act like robots. Going in and out of their day without really living their life and I think I’m one of them last year. I should turn on all of my senses to it maximum this year so that I can see, feel, touch, taste and smell more.

I hope to accomplish most of this within the first half of the year. Happy New Year every one. I hope this year will bring your new opportunities and blessings.