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Last Saturday, my sisters, Peewee and me accompanied our mom to TriNoma to have her hair cut. While waiting for her, we went to Timezone and ate at Five Cows. Since we didn’t want to ruin our appetite for dinner we opted to just share what we had.

We had their Half-Pound Supreme Cheeseburger. My sister Vanessa coined this the fifth cow of Five Cows. It was gigantic! Each wheat bread slice was about an inch thick and the rectangular beef patty was also an inch thick! The whole thing was about 4 inches thick! It was a mouthful! Ha ha ha Everybody liked the burger. Thick beef patty was juicy. The wheat bread slices were toasted to give the sandwich some crunch. It had two cheeses: melted Mozzarella at the top and Cheddar at the bottom with some greens and slices of tomato and mushrooms. What gave this burger over the top was the special mayo served on the side. Its garlicky sweet. This burger alone will make me want to come back to this place.

She wanted me to take a photo of her while biting on the burger

For dessert we had their famous Ferrero Rocher ice cream. It really did tasted like the chocolate candy But all the hype around this ice cream concoction didn’t really lived up with our expectations. Well if you are interested with this ice cream creation, they prepare it by putting scoops of vanilla ice cream on an icy cold slab and then add the hazelnut sauce and cocoa puffs together. They smoosh everything together until well incorporated. Its like what they do at Cold Rock right? 🙂

Have you tried Five Cows at TriNoma?