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Everybody’s on a rush days before Christmas. Doing some last minute shopping and buying ingredients for the Noche Buena. We had our fair share of adventures before Christmas day.

December 23

John treated me and Peewee for some shopping spree at TriNoma. After some retail therapy, we had an early dinner at

where I had

and John had

My roast beef was yummy. But it was bitin for my big appetite. The beef used was the part which have a lot of connective tissues (litid) but because of the slow braising type of cooking, it was fork tender. The mushroom gravy gave it more of the beef-y/meaty flavor.

The Baked Salmon is John’s favorite at Conti’s. The salmon was done perfectly – still moist and flaky.

For desserts we had


You can’t go wrong with these desserts. Mango Bravo – sweet juicy mango cubes layered with cream and meringue with cashews. Conti’s take on Tiramisu was good but nothing really to rave about, it lacks the ‘pick me up’ espresso flavor that I was looking for.

What are your faves at Conti’s?

December 24

Peewee and I were up very early while John had last minute work to do. I called up my mom about what will be their Noche Buena menu and then my jaw dropped. She said “we’ll just buy our Noche Buena at the Lung Center”. What!? Human organs/parts for Noche Buena!? LoL Since I got married, no one has really carried on with the cooking for Noche Buena. I’m the one responsible for prepping the menu and marketing. Now that they were too lazy to cook, they opted to just buy their Noche Buena.

You see, every weekend there’s a market at the Lung Center compound where you’ll find anything for a bargain. Its like the Salcedo market or Legaspi market in Makati. 🙂

Going there was a feast for the senses…. you’ll see lots of things from native products to plants and pets. Smell delicious food being cooked on the spot.

What my mom bought…..

Rellenong Bangus

Mary’s Kitchen’s Stuffed Chicken/Chicken Galantina

I didn’t get to taste the relleno but the stuffed Chicken was YUM!

How was your pre-Christmas events?

Mamu (Peewee's Lola) bought a pair of birds