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Christmas is the time for family and friends, and what more to enjoy the company of your love ones is by sharing meals. Pot luck is always our tradition and the venue always changing. This year, my parents played hosts for my paternal side’s annual Christmas party last Sunday.

On the table…

Fried Chicken – juicy and well seasoned. This was prepared by my mom.

Grilled Tuna Jaw (Panga) and Ribs – This is my dad’s recipe and a staple in any family gathering.

Pancit Sotanghon – Tita Olive’s (my dad’s sister) famous noodle dish. It may not be colorful but believe you me you’ll have this every round of plate you have. The orange-y color is from the ground up heads of shrimp used for stock in this dish.

Sushi plate bought at Farmers Market. It was okay, not so good as restaurant quality. Good thing no raw fish in the sushi, only mango slices and Kani sticks.

Buttered Shrimp. Another dish from my dad. He tweaked his recipe. He added something that I can’t put my finger on. Gotta ask this recipe next time. The shrimp were done perfectly, succulent firm goodness. The sauce was buttery, garlicky and sweet.

Butterscotch-y Chocolate-y Bars (??) from Kuya Radji and Ate Anna. Its chewy and sticky and not too sweet topped with melted chocolate. This was a hit at the table. Thanks ate Anna for this delightful dessert. 🙂

Pichi-pichi from Laurence and preggy wife Thet. 🙂 Every time we know Laurence will come to the party, we would ask him for this pichi-pichi. Its super yum, soft and cheesy. 🙂 They also brought Sapin-sapin which I forgot to take a photo of.  Aside from the pancit, Malabon is known for making the best pichi-pichi (Steamed Cassava cake) and sapin-sapin! ’til next party cuz. 🙂 Ryan, we missed you at the party, I hope you get well soon.

Thinly sliced cucumbers and zigzag carrots done with love by my sisters Vanessa and Faye.

Our table spread….

And of course, the star of the party – LECHON!

Every one was hovering at the lechon. Making pinches every part – from the ears to the tail!

Our lechon is from Marilao, Bulacan. I don’t eat much lechon but I ate a lot of this lechon. I even positioned myself near where the lechon was being cut by Butchoy – our long time family friend. The skin was crisp with a hint of saltiness to it like Cebu lechon. The meat was juicy. As Peewee would say it ‘Yum Yum!’ (Notice also that its not too fatty which we like)

How was your Christmas get together?

See the kurots (pinches) in the skin??!!! LoL

Just some of my relatives - our Lola Conching at the center