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Hmmm… if only I knew how to pipe in music in my post… I would have embedded Edith Piaf, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday in here…

Gotta learn that very soon.

As our little adventure came to an end, we stopped by at The Cliffhouse to have some snacks at Cafe Breton Creperie and Country Store.

This Cafe Breton branch is our second most visited place in Tagaytay. Since we couldn’t order our usual Le Magnifique with Mangoes (it has Grand Marnier – orange liquer), we had La Pinay instead.

While waiting for our orders, Peewee and I went upstairs to see their store.

Upon reaching the top, you will be greeted by this beautiful painting. I want!!!

They offer ceramics, paintings, wood furniture and products from Ilog Maria Bee Farm.

La Pinay is a dessert crepe filled with riped mangoes drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream. It tasted like Le Magnifique without the Grand Marnier flambe. I like how they make their crepes. Its super thin but sturdy – you won’t find a break or tear otherwise you can have it replaced. The cubes of mangoes were surprisingly sweet like ripen during the summer time and the chocolate sauce is a nice touch to the crepe. But I would have preferred to switch the chocolate sauce to Nutella (like Le Magnifique).

For drinks I had their Cafe Au Lait. The best coffee I’ve had for months! I drink coffee a lot and have tried a lot of coffee places but I keep coming back to Cafe Breton for their coffee.

John is not much of a coffee drinker but because he was a bit sleepy he decided to have Caffe Legiose (Lee-jwas). Its coffee with cold milk with vanilla ice cream and some chocolate sauce topped with whipped cream. He said it was good but the coffee was too strong for him.

You can find a lot places to hang out or eat at the Cliffhouse.

If you want Italian…

For Fro-Yo…

For Ice Cream…

For Lunch or Dinner dates…

And they have an inn too if you want to stay. (I want! I want!) 🙂

Our little Saturday adventure was a nice break from our monotonous city life. John and I wish to travel more so that we can expose Peewee more to different things. Visiting Tagaytay helped us to center ourselves, decompress and detach from our city lives. I hope we can do more little adventures come 2010. 🙂