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After our quick detour to Sonya’s Garden, we went to Caleruega to decompress. Caleruega has a special place in our hearts. First, John proposed marriage in one of the benches near the statue of Mother Mary (kilig) ha ha ha And I had a very memorable college retreat. So every time we go to Tagaytay, we never fail to visit Caleruega and sit in “our bench”.

This time around, because the weather wasn’t cooperating and there was an on-going sakal kasal (wedding), we weren’t able to go to our spot. Instead we headed straight to the camping area and park just down the hill. Aside from our bench, this is our fave place in Caleruega.

Its very tranquil.

Hearing the whistle of the wind and the brushing of the leaves from the trees…

The gush of water from the water features….

The cool breeze touching your face… ah this is our piece of heaven.

Since we have discovered this place, we never forget to feed the kois.

You can buy for 20 pesos a small bottle of mineral water filled to the brim of fish pellets. Just ask the staff from the green house for them. 🙂

After we feed the kois, we crossed a hanging bridge going to the campsite.

You can have a bonfire here.

Writing this now, makes me want to go back as soon as possible. John and I would talk about retiring in Tagaytay and maybe have a farm here. Having lived in the city for so long, wouldn’t be nice just to go back to simple living? No traffic(yehey!), no pollution, no internet connection (!?!) Just you and nature.

Hmmm, if we decide to live in the country side so hinde na ako Urban Mudra(Urban Mother)!? ha ha ha Rural Mudra na! LoL!