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After our lunch at Green ATS, we were headed to Nasugbu, Batangas. En route John said “Busog?” I said “Bitin!”

I wanted to eat… more.

We ended up going here.

Sonya’s Garden. We didn’t have reservations and we just had our lunch. So we went to their famous panaderia to buy some Hispanish bread and chocolate muffins.

The first one we tried was the chocolate muffins. They were to die for! Fluffy and light but packed with chocolate-y goodness. I couldn’t stop eating and talking how good they were.

We also tried their hispanish bread. Grabe! It was soft and a yema like filling good but it wasn’t too sweet. Grabe! Now I know why people go to the panaderia just for them.

We stayed at Sonya’s a little longer to devour our goodies and see some sights.

Our little boy amidst the flowers